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Merry Christmas


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Best of the season to all! Just finished getting the turkey ready for the oven, kids are having a nap, everything is wrapped and under the tree, wife is still at work so I actually have a free minute! Better enjoy it as then it is lunch, playtime with the kids, Christmas dinner, off to the boat for drinks with friends, then back home for Christmas eve, VERY EARLY Christmas gift opening (sometimes I think the wife enjoy this all more than anyone I know) hopefully out to do some sailing, then dinner with friends........whew...........I have to find some time in there for some caching!


Everyone else this crazy? At least we are not travelling this Christmas.......If you are, please take care.


I hope everyone enjoys Belcarra Blitz! And I am slightly jealous as I am not aware of anything like this happening on the island for the holiday time.

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Happy ho ho all

Daggette and I are off to the mainland on the first ferry tomorrow morning. But our plans have changed and we might be heading back on boxing day. So.... I will either be at the event in Van on the 27th or on the beach with all the Victoria cachers.



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