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Yellow Bug

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Had a 4 week trip changed to 4 days. One of the items taken was my Garmin GPSMAP 76S. It had many waypoints from my home in Hawaii as well as some of my friends in New Zealand. If it shows up please keep it, but help stop this problem by contacting Constoble Norm Pol at the Auckland Airport. The file number is (031125/5984). You have a wonderful country, and I feel bad that I will most likely never get to return. Hawaii has the same problems to a greater degree than you. This theft happend 6 hours after we arrived on Nov. 23, 2003. Our best Aloha to all and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


Yellow Bug

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I'm sorry to hear of your poor experience in our little country.


Generally, violence wise it's quite a safe country (heck, our police don't even carry firearms as a rule, airports however are an exception - international terrorism laws). Unfortunately when it comes down to petty crimes such as theft from carparks at tourist venues, we are up there amoungst other countries.


I hope at some time in the future you get the oppourtunity to visit our little country again, and have a more enjoyable experience.

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