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$50,000 Buried On Vancouver Island.


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I gave the number on the site a call.


Costs $20 to get 10 riddles involving geographical features / things of the Northern part of the Island that you need to solve. Once you've proved you've solved them (by contacting the guy from the Lions Club by phone, mail, or whatever) they send you a story about the Legend of the Lion which basically tells you where the wooden lion is hidden on the Island, but not the spot. When you have the wooden lion you can claim the prize, which may not be $50,000. The competition has been going for 3 years and so far they've sold about $5000 worth of tickets and no one has claimed the prize yet. So if you were to win now you'd get half of what they've sold, which is $2500.



Geo 131

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If anyone has followed previous hunts like this, there was one in the interior of BC(Kamloops) around 10 years ago. It was called "THE LEGEND OF THUNDERBEAR". They had to produce hype and clues, but in the end, the skull( a few pounds gold and 50 ruby eyes) rumoured to be $250k.


This sounds a lot like that. I spend 4 years and countless miles riding herd on my grandfather who wanted to search all over. It was a fun mindbender to solve the riddles.


This would be a worthwhile venture if Port McNeill ensured that it was worthwhile, and pumped up the hype. People do seem to travel.


I however would question that if soooooooo many people know the answers to the riddles(an entire lions club), how sacred are they and how many have slipped. I once talked to the guy that ran "THUNDERBEAR" and he said the hardest part was keeping it a secret.


I might give it a go. <_< Somebody let me know if the clues are downloadable before I pony up 20$ :wacko:



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