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To Do Or Not Do Do

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Now that is a difficult to answer question.


There are caches out there that permission has been granted for and I think it's pretty safe to say there are caches out there where permission hasn't been granted.


Groundspeak's geocaching.com website is purely a listing service. It is the responsibility of the cache placers to seek permission for the caches they place. This is indicated in the Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines:


As the cache owner, you are responsible for the placement and care of your cache.


By submitting a cache listing, you assure us that you have adequate permission to hide your cache in the selected location. However, if we see a cache description that mentions ignoring "No Trespassing" signs (or any other obvious issues), your listing may be immediately archived.


If the Geocaching.com web site is contacted and informed that your cache has been placed inappropriately, your cache will be archived or disabled and you will be contacted with any information provided by the individual or organization who contacted us.


Personally, my personal account (tgsnoopy) has had a cache removed by DOC* because it was on a closed section of track. There was also a cache placed in a culturally sensitive area, DOC advised they were going to remove it, the cache owner immediately removed the cache before DOC had the opportunity. Currently I am not aware of any other placement issues with any other land managers.


DOC is well aware of geocaching, however, at this point in time there is no agreement with DOC for the use of their land. That said, the NZ Recreational GPS Users Society was formed intending to negotiate a MOU** with DOC for Geocaching use of DOC land. The society is to hold an election to select committee members etc (Currently the committee is the founding members, not elected) before it can negotiate binding agreements. The DOC person involved in the initial negotiations has since resigned, and I'm not aware of the new contact person's details at this point in time.


I'm sorry if that created more questions than it answered, but it's about the best I can do at the moment.


My comments do not necessarily represent the official opinion/attitude of Groundspeak, I am not an employee, or authorized to make statements on their behalf. I am a volunteer cache reviewer/forum moderator only. For an official reply please e-mail contact@Groundspeak.com


* DOC, New Zealand Government's Department of Conservation

** MOU, Memorandum of Understanding allowing use of DOC managed land

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To the people in the NZ forums. I have just received an email from dasnoop regarding a post I made earlier in which I attempted to make a joke. From his email, I gathered that dasnoop found it humorous, but apparently no one else did and complained about it. I am sorry that you have a problem with humor, and did not mean to offend anyone, though I still don't see how that comment could have offended anyone. Keep your forums, and those of use with a sense of humor will stay out. Have a nice day.


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