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Geocache Net In Southern California...

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If all works out like I think it will go, we will have a WEEKLY net here in Southern California (Orange County and parts of LA) on a local 2-meter/220 repeater. I'm shooting for Thursday evenings from 7:00PM to 8:00PM.


We will have brief announcements and go straight to an open forum where you can ask questions.


I'll post more once I get the OK from the repeater owners!


73! Dino K6RIX


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The Southern California Geocaching Net has been approved by the repeater owners (Board of Directors).


The net will be EVERY THURSDAY from 7:00PM to 8:00PM on the following linked system...


145.400- (103.5)

224.180- (103.5)


The location of the repeater is in the Fullerton Hills (commercial site) in Orange County. If the net gets real popular, we can link in other repeater systems.


With the delays in IRLP and such, I don't forsee opening this up to a nationwide net just yet.


The first net will be January 1st! Hope to hear you out there!


Dino - K6RIX


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The 220 side of the system needs some work. We are aware of the problem and will address it in January. It works, but is marginal at best right now.


If someone has a remote base on 2 meters and would like to link in to our system, NO PROBLEM! I know the VERA system north of LA can link in 220 via a remote. Tell Jim Fortney you have my permission to bring it in on 145.400- (103.5)


Dino - K6RIX

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Last night (1-8-04) we had the following check ins....


N6UZS (RFO) Richard from Orange.

K6NT (escout) Steve from San Pedro

N6XSS (Shifflett) Jeff from Fullerton

AA6CR (Geo-Jedi) Jed from Whittier

AE6GA (?) Travis from Lancaster

KG6BVO (new to geocaching) Brian from Whittier

KG6DKW (?) Rob from Glendora


The net lasted the entire hour and a few stuck around for another 20 minutes talking on the repeater.


Travis told us of his "FRS Activated" cache that will send it coordinates via radio if you activate it with the correct PL tone. He has a couple more that he will let us know about next week!


The nets are every Thursday from 7:00PM to 8:00PM. Check the top of this thread for all the information. See you next week!!!


Dino - K6RIX

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Hello Everyone! I've missed the last couple of weeks due to conflicting meetings. All is well for this week and I'm looking forward to this week's net!!!


I will have some announcements you won't want to miss!!! Be sure to check in and say hello!


2-26-04 @ 7:00PM on 145.400- (Fullerton Hills)




Dino - K6RIX

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