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Surveyors Set Up Temporary Benchmark For Us


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I received the following in a series of e-mails from fellow cacher ICU2:


When I was in Celebration Park this week I asked the survey team to survey a location for me in minutes to three significant figures after the decimal. They did. Unfortunately it is only a temporary stake in the ground, but they assured me that it would remain in place until summer. I would like to share it with fellow Geocachers so that they too might check the accuracy of their instrument. It might be interesting to have each finder log their instrument type and indicated location. Might give us an idea about which manufacturer and model is providing the best data.


The stake is stout enough to rest you instrument on the top. That is, if you have a somewhat flat bottom. Then let it settle for a couple of minutes. You will be surprised how accurate these little devices are.


It's at N 47°18.291, W 122°19.278, which is too close to another cache to be approved, and is also an unapprovable virtual, but for what it's worth, here you go.

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That sounds pretty cool, if for no reason other than the surveyors were willing to do it!


I have always wondered about the Brand Debate. Isn't the real variation going to be based on where and how many birds can be seen at the time? Sometimes I can get a 10 satellite lock and other times, in the same place struggle to get more than 3 or 4.

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What a nifty idear this be! While I gots a "somewhat flat bottom", I sadly canna rest me machine on yer stake, fer it's currently seated in Goose Bay, Labrador (along wiv Cap'n No Beard 'n' the Pi Rats) :D On be'alf o' the 'ole crew, permits me ta wish all you wun'rful loc'ls a happy Christmas, and most henjoy'ble year o'cachin' in 2004! All the best to ye's, the Wench :D

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Too bad ICU2 didn't ask for one more place of precision. Even though our consumer hand-helds only record and display waypoints to .001 minutes, they also (at least my Merigreen does) display UTM coordinates to the nearest meter, roughly .0005 minute.


With a little bit of research in the benchmark section, you can find USGS GPS stations. Some of them are even on public property not buried, and not behind fences :D.


The first good one I've found in my area is SY4545 on Duwamish Head. N47-35.7090 W122-23.2474. You can drive up and park. There is superb reception and grand views of the Sound and Downtown Seattle. The coordinates are recorded to sub millimeter precision. Just make sure you get the coordinates from the original data sheet.


A good place to search is at the NGS DATASHEET PAGE.

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It's at N 47°18.291, W 122°19.278, which is too close to another cache to be approved, and is also an unapprovable virtual, but for what it's worth, here you go.

My cheapie yellow eTrex, when sitting on the stake, at +/- 17 ft accuracy, thought the reported coords were 10.5 feet to the SSW from the stake and that the altitude was 20 ft lower. Not too bad.


This one's an easy one to do even in the dark, there are a couple pretty wet spots along the way on the paths though to watch out for. That path next to the soccer fields is about the wettest path in the area.

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You guys could try setting up a cache like This one in your local area.


I was hoping to see a spread sheet of some sort trying to correlate the different units, time of the year, time of day, etc. but that has not happened yet.


But from what I have read so far, all the different units are real close to each other no matter the time or brand.



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