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Sportrak Map And Sat. Screen


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I have a ST Map with v 4.06 and when I go to the sat. screen it only shows 8 sometimes 10 sats. that I am getting reception from. I wondered if anyone else has seen this or any thoughts? Should I d/l the newest firmware or should I get a hold of Magellan and send it in?

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What you are seeing is normal and there will be people envious of having a lock on 8. While it's a 12 channel receiver the reality is that you'll rarely have 12 birds visible at any time. I think the only time I've ever seen full strength on all 12 at the same time, I was on a boat with no terrain in sight.


Right now, at my desk, my Plat says there are 11 birds that are theoretically vislble from here and it sees 9 of them. The two it can't see are on the eastern horizon and there is a ridge to my east which distorts my horizon so that's pretty typical for me.


If you'd like to read up on nerdy Magellan stuff, I've started a collection of it

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It appears (but I am not 100% sure) that WAAS signals are still recieved with a magellan unit even when WAAS is turned off, but the corrections are not applied.


It use to never recieve anything above 10 sats, and at one time displayed the SNR on the WAAS page even when turned off. I not sure which firmware it may have changed (I forget which version I tested this on, it could have been any since 2.09).


Wyatt W.

I will have to do more test with 5.12 since it behaves diffrently that the earlier versions.

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