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Big Congrats To The Man In The Hat

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Congrats John, good luck getting to the 500!

Not quite 500!


Great achievement John getting to 400. I was watching your logs come in and thought I'd be first to congratulate you. Seems like I was too slow yet again!


Glad you had a good day, shame I couldn't make your Grockle cache as planned today, maybe tomorrow though.


Well done, Peter

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Hmmm.... with all the recent err.. publicity... I was kinda hoping this would slip by un-noticed. Fat chance... within minutes of me logging it, Chris 'n Maria had started a thread. How do you do that? Have you got some demon bit of software that monitors all the other cacher's finds? :lol:


Anyway... Thankyou all very much for the pats on the back etc. It would have taken me a lot longer if the teams local to me hadn't placed a lot of new caches recently so thanks to them especially.

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Congrats to the man in the hat! :D:D:P:)


Pharisee and I followed each other around Essex last week - at one stage we must have been only 15mins apart - a real ale quaffing chance missed!


I finally did one of his caches whilst I was down south last week and it was the creepiest I have yet come across:- :)


Dark Deeds at St Mary's


so I look forward to doing more next time I am in those parts! :)





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