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Rivington Fountain **warning**


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Thought we had better inform anyone finding this cache (Rivington Fountain GCH4GD) in the next few days not to bother as the area is under police investigation and maybe inaccesable. The reason for this is, whilst we were looking for the cache today we found, about five feet from the cache, hidden under a stone, a gun wrapped in a black bin liner!

We called the police and upon arrival informed them about the cache location and that it was in an "ammo box"!!! So hopefully they will leave it in situ. By next week things should, hopefully, be back to normal.

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... we found, about five feet from the cache, hidden under a stone, a gun wrapped in a black bin liner!

Oh sorry lads, seems like one of our boys spoiled your game. :DB)


We will 'ave words. When we find the toerags 'oo hid the shooter we'll crack their heads and tell them.


"Remember the guidelines. NO BL**DY BINBAGS !!!!!! " :DB):D

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"Remember the guidelines.  NO **** BINBAGS !!!!!! "    B)  B)  :D

Whilst I always ask people, as a favour, to remove bin bags I need to point out that they are not against GC.Com guidelines.


Certainly, I am told, there are landowners in the UK who have objected to their use because they could be a choking risk to small mammals. Personally I have found that caches in bin bags are OK, until the interior of the bin bag gets wet. Then they tend to fester and get pretty dank, unpleasant and hummy when opened.


So, I agree, no ****** bin bags please, but as a request, not as a guideline. :D:D


Cheers and Cache Well,



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