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Standard Frs / Gmrs Geocaching Channel?

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I believe any channel usage is pretty much localized, so will vary from place to place. I don't recall hearing about "The One Channel" to be used nationwide.


Regarding PL, my personal opinion is that PL is less than useful for simplex operations. It means you can't hear if the channel is clear before you talk, and it introduces a small but unnecessary delay in receiving the transmitted signal. Considering the point that most FRS/GMRS radio users start talking before the push the PTT button to begin with, the additional PL delay just makes it that much more annoying.


"Percy, you're going to have to repeat the beginning of your transmission...again. Remember, push the button, wait for a second, then begin talking."


"... come I don't have any problem hearing the beginning of your transmissions, Boyd?"


*Sigh* "Because I push the button, wait for a second, then begin talking."





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