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Degrees And Minutes Need Some Help

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I am working on a multi cache where I will add or subtract numbers from coordinates to find the next set of coordinates. What is the common name for the 3 decimal places in the minutes. Fore example if I want to add 100 to those three and originally it is 50.200 and I want someone to get 50.300 how should I state this. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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There are several ways you can set this up, but I think most folks would understand if you state: Add .100 N to coordinates, or add .100 to north longitude.


There are amny ways to incorprate math into solving the final coords for a cache. Here is an example of one way: Willamette Falls Cache

Having had diffculty myself with this issue when the explanation wasn't specific enough, lead to the creation of a tool to help. If you'd have said, "add 59 to the latitude," how would that be interpreted? That's quite a jump actually. I found myself trying different options .59, .059, etc. and comparing the distances. Depending on the number, you can arrive at a number of apparently valid adjustments. So I went on to create this multi-tool that additionally does a lot more including playing these different options automatically and taking the small circle at the given latitude into consideration,


<Geo Convert>


Above all, like the advice given indicated, English is a rich language, you don't HAVE to be vague, be precise.


Of course, feedback and ideas are welcome.



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