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CCCooperAgency Broke Through 4,000 !!

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To CCCooperAgency:


Thank you for inviting me into your circle of caching companions.

Thank you for showing me some of the great hikes in your part of the state.

Thank you for placing a cache in my honor, it was a truly memorable hike up that mountain and an equally memorable bike ride back down.

Thank you for introducing me to the Appalachian Trail.

Thank you for working with the PA State Parks, PA State Forests and Chester County Parks to get permits for your caches hidden there, and to make it easier for everyone else to do the same.

Thank you for organizing the fun event in November.

And somewhere along the way, you found some caches? Congratulations!

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Congrats to a great team that found the time (Idon't know how) to write back, send travelogue tapes of PA covered bridges I was interested and just reach out in such a supportive way.


Alan :D

There are a lot of instances like this. The CCCooperAgency has been welcome at all of our events and always show up ready to help, share, cook, and more. Just goes to show you the old saying is true: Have a bad experience, you tell 10 people. A good experience you tell 1. This is very true in the retail industry, and definitely true with "the Coopers".


I look forward to many more opportunities to talk and cache with them. Their enthusiasm for the game is unwavered even after 4000 finds.





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Here's is a bit of nostalgia for ya:


:lol:May 25, 2001 by CCCooperAgency

This was our 1st cache! We hike the SGL trails near Gov. Dick all the time & had some general idea where to head in...hubby found it 1st as I was coming up through the rocks underneath after finding the rock...very great find...nobody on trails last night...misty rainy weather but we had a blast! Left a keychain & took a snake. THANKS GeoJoe!


Congrats again. See you Saturday. Looking forward to meeting The Agency.

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We add our congratulations, and want to echo the various comments already posted. We especially appreciate the time the "CC Cooper" folks take to add thoughtful comments to cache logs, as well as their contributing participation in cache events. They have greatly helped make geocaching a fun family activity. :D

About 18 months ago we started recycling their signature item with a note to the effect it was fast becoming a geocaching "collectable", and are more convinced than ever that is the case! :D

All the best for the next 4000. Our paths will undoubtedly cross again.

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