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Bc Cachers More Vocal?


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It's amazing how many cachers are around here or at least people that are aware of the sport. I was out only twice this week with the GPS and both times a passerby knowingly asked me if I'd found the treasure yet. Last year caught doing the same thing they'd of assumed I was some weirdo pervert. Actually it kind of takes a little of the fun out of it......Well!... back to my bridge project.

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Yeah there are lot's of us over here. We're presently stuck on a rock so we have lot's of time to post threads about geocaching. Watch for upcoming threads relating to;

  • GPSs
  • AA Batteries
  • Maps
  • Compasses
  • Navigation
  • Metal Detectors
  • Hiking Boots
  • Mapping Programs
  • 4Wheel Drive Vehicles
  • Geodetic ellipsoids

But don't worry we will not discuss:

  • The actions of elected officials
  • Organized labour groups
  • Non-denominational seasonal appropriate activities
  • Activities relating to the propogation of homo-sapiens
  • Female homo-sapiens


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Yea, i like to think There would more BC Cachers... or at least we're better at it :huh: mainly of course just because we have the most beautiful places to cache in the world... (i'll stand by that statement to my very bitter death) ... I'm fortunately not stuck on a rock (however large)... I just think it's about time that our Caching comunity started moving alot quicker... gotta cache (huck huck) up to them Yankies down south... ;) lol or at least have a good time ... ;)

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But don't worry we will not discuss:


I think that this is all related to my non conspiracy conspiracy theory. I dare not explain it here though............


... I'm fortunately not stuck on a rock (however large)..


As with most other intelligent islanders, I too am not stuck as I own a boat. Most people may be content to own a kayak that can hold a mere $250 000 worth of BC Gold, but I went for something slightly bigger, LOL


Anyway, who wants to leave when we have all these great caches over here to find, and new Geocache gear being airlifted in just in time for Christmas,,,, (read the thread on GC accessories)....................


Oh yea, I forgot, you mainlanders CANNOT GET HERE TO FIND ALL THOSE GREAT new geocaches that are being hidden.......unlucky......at least you will get to read our posts........LOL


Merry Christmas Geocachers!

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ok,,, here it is.....

What They Don't Want You to Know

In order to understand geocaching in peace and harmony, and finding worthwhile caches consisting of valuable gifts from other generous geocachers, you need to realize that everything is controlled by a small group of core geocachers dedicated to the promotion of peace, sport, enviromental responsibility and awareness and not made up of non geocachers, mindlessly tramping around in the wilderness with no regard for wildlife, sacred places or hallowed geocaches with help from the liberal conservatives.


The conspiracy first started during "illegal" BC Ferries strike, causing the planets to "fall out of alignment" and disrupt the time flow continuem of unionized labor and civil unrest in British Columbia in Victoria, the garden city of British Columbia, so aptly named as "Adam" is soon to take a bite of the apple, and cause untold chaos, civil unrest, fresh produce shortages, GPS equipment delivery delays and bad newpaper headlines, as well as other untold problems. They have been responsible for many events throughout history, including the disruption of GPS accuracy and frequent TELUS service outages.


Today, members of the conspiracy are everywhere. They can be identified by intermittent signal, wildly inaccurate gps readings and solar flares resulting in dead batteries long before you have located your geocache.


They want you to respond by taking your GPS unit and cursing wildly, throwing the unit with all your might into the cold hard rock of Vancouver Island with absolutely no regard for non-warranty repairs, scatched displays, torn cases and other damage.


The ultimate cachers, people with no real jobs, who can afford the "best most accurate GPS available to mankind" and have all day to use it. These people continue to taunt us by posting their finds on the boards while the masses of society continue to toil in the salt mines of modern day business and imprisonment.


While they resister the cache from hell, a level 5/5/5 from team KFWB GPS, when they are trapped on the island and have too much time on their hands to hide a cache using SUV's with floodlamps. liftkits and oversize tires, tinted windows and pushbars and winches protruding from the front to the enviromental disaster on wheels, .


In order to prepare for this, we all must blockade all access to the island . Since the media is controlled by Glen Campbell and his band of thugs we should get our information from Garmin corporation who is secretly trying to take over control of all geosychronized WAAS enabled satellites in the constallation.


But the real truth is this:


Nobody can tell the deepest fear one has nor bring out certainty from that because of the obscurity that it instills in every heart. This is I presume what I meant by the shadow. The shadow is the embodiment of our fears-the scariest counterpart of man's sensibility-that transgresses the domain of reason, or more so of rationality. And because reason cannot capture our fear we suddenly find refuge to entertain its bothersome 'existence' in other inexplicable discourse. In fact, it is true that we need to have a conversation to someone or to something that might or indeed bring us into light. But a conversation with a 'shadow' can be as futile as welcoming fear to reign over us. But who could deny that? It is perhaps in this way that we can defeat futility and fear altogether..............




I told you,,,,, we cannot discuss this here...........................LOL, you cannot even begin to imagine the things that go on in my head...........


"Careful, I may be living next door to you"...............

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mainly of course just because we have the most beautiful places to cache in the world... (i'll stand by that statement to my very bitter death)

I would have to agree (not that I have cached there) I have travelled west a few times and I must say you guys defintiely have the beautiful end of the Country. ontario has a lot of wonderful and beautiful places but we pale in comparison. Hopefully I will make it out there again and this time I will make sure to hit some caches.

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Oh, Why thank you! as long as i have some generic suport :lol: though i must say... at least Those living in british columbia.. (well at least the lower mainland).. can cache during the winter... and not have to worry all too much about digging the cache out of 5 feet of snow.. ( at least not too often).. though we would definitly enjoy it..

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