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Good Luck and welcome to the addiction.


Mark the Car before you head out

Bring extra batteries

Bring a compass

Bring the cache notes

Have a great time


... Bring a bottle of Water

Tell someone where you're going

Bring a cell phone

Always have pens, pencils, ziplocks and an extra log book

Don't use Gladware for caches

And most importanty...



Oh, actually even more important. Have fun and be safe!

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Welcome to the addiction, it will take over your life. I am thinking about starting a Caching Anonymous Group. I just can not find the time to get it off the ground because I am busy Caching..........


When you come out of the woods 500 yards from your car and you spend an hour or so looking . You will learn to mark your car....haha


Have fun!

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I agree you should mark your car before going into the woods. I am visiting here in Wheaton, Il. and went out yesterday on a cache hunt. I was in the woods where there are many caches. After walking around for an hour or more and freezing my but off, I decided it was time to get back to the car. I don't live here and have never been in these woods before so I did not have a clue where the car was at. I could back track with my gps but that would take much longer and I was very cold. The high yesterday was around 20. Well I lucked out because there was a cache at the entrance to the park where the car was. I punched in the waypoint for that cache and found it in no time. So mark your car before you head out.

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Well welcome to the sport.I have a magellan sport trak map my self. It is a great gpsr for caching.Along with the above posts of items to take with you take a log book to keep your records of your visits the finds or no finds, traded items, so that when you log your visits on Groundspeak ,you will know what the details of the cache , you were at. Handy if you vist 5 caches a day! :lol:

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I could back track with my gps but that would take much longer...

I was curious about this. I have a Magellan SporTrac Map. Today, i wanted to back track but i had already started down the trail back to my car so the track line had already started. When i went to backtrack, it was telling me to go back to the cache, then i think it would have started back tracking down the trail. I was wondering if anyone knew if you could skip the backtracks in order. Jump the backtracking to your currentt position. I cant find anything about this in the manual. Thanks! :lol:

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