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The Park Isn't Open?


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Forgot to mention, if you are "caught" in the park after hours, try this. "Sorry officer, I was geocaching this afternoon (show cache page) and I left my expensive GPS receiver in the park. I found it though (show GPSr) and i'm on my way out."



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Maybe you should have just said, 'I didn't realize the park was closed, I'm from out of town'

In hindsight, the truth would have been the smartest thing to tell. But it was late, I was tired, I was wet, and my mind wasn't running on all cylinders.


Another positive is that I am now a "local legend" of the St Louis Area Geocachers Association (SLAGA) and have been invited out caching by many of the members when next in the area--so as to help me stay on the right side of the law.

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This happened to us this fall:

Spend a day in the Maury Mountains near Prineville, OR cutting a trailerfull of firewood.

The next day, instead of heading straight home, decide to head out near the Deschutes Nat'l. Forest for a new cache. Do NOT leave trailer of wood at the hotel, but instead haul it along behind us, nearly 60 miles out of our way.

On a dusty desert road, pull over for the Chevy Blazer that comes haluing a** up behind us, but Chevy Blazer does not pass. As dust clears, notice the blue & red light bar flashing..

Get thoroughly checked out and questioned by a BLM agent about where we got the 2 cords of juniper and why are we heading into the middle of nowhere with it?

Fortunately three things happened:

1) We were well prepared with all of the pertinent permits and paperwork and our load was clearly tagged.

2) We had just seen the exact same officer on a version of "Oregon Field Guide" the night before, and were able to disarm his official demeanor with a little celebrity suck-up, and

3) We told him that normally we wouldn't be so far out in the middle of nowhere with 2 cords of wood except that a new geocache had come up and we just had to try for it.

He was fully aware of geocaching, and even had us come back to his rig to see the really nice GPS and mapping system he had set up inside (SWEET!).

All in all, most public officials will cut you some slack if you just tell them why you're really there.

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A few months ago, BruceS came to the area. I met up with him to find a few. (I figured that I could learn from the master.) We followed his prearranged course, so there were some caches that I had already found. I just loitered while he found these.


On one of these, he was looking for a micro hidden near a walking trail at a local hospital. It was dark, so the park was closed. While he was looking, a security guard drove up. I walked over to talk to the security guy while Bruce kept looking. I spoke to him for a few minutes, dragging my feet as much as I could. Eventually, I agreed to go get Bruce and leave. I followed his instructions, but very slowly to give Bruce the most time.

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Funny story.


I planted Book 'em Dano! at the police station I work at (mixing business and pleasure).


I had the oppertunity to roll up on a cacher cuda1966 and caught him poking around the bushes by the building looking for my cache. I tapped the lights on my car and I think I scared the bejesus outta him! We gabbed for a bit, and he went to an event cache that weekend where we laughed and shared the story with the group. I see he hasn't found a cache since...hope I didn't scare him tooooo bad...



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