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Cache Descriptions You Wouldn't See Today.

Dru Morgan

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Oh for the good ol' days when we didn't have these annoying rules to stop our fun. I was rereading some of my first logs and found this gem.


Hollywood View


Here are some especially classic quotes from the description...


"The cache is simply a Gatorade bottle filled with paper and a pen. We hid this cache at the spur of the moment and it doesn’t have any physical treasures included. "


"We’d return to upgrade the cache, but we were on vacation from Indiana when we placed it, and that simply isn’t practical."


Man, those were the days. ;)

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A classic indeed!


I think I read one that went along something like this:


The Juice Box Cache


"Boy was this a tough cache to place! We were hiking through the forest and my 5 year old son had just finished his juice box and was asking me where to put it. I looked around, seeing no trashcans or people and told him that hollowed stump would do just fine. Thats when a Park Ranger spotted me sort of shooting the empty box into the stump like I was playing basketball and needless to say we both start running. He chased us around the park for about 30 minutes but we lost him in no time. I wasn't able to get the coords on the stump but thats ok, I easily made it into this Letterbox hybrid and the coords ar the trail head. Enjoy!

...Oh and bring your own pen and if the FTF'er could please blow up the box, stomp on it to create a hole at the top, and place a gum wrapper or some sort of log that would be great. Thanks and good luck!!

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Geocache is an interesting one from the early days (one of Jeremy's early finds).  It's not so much the description of the cache, but the logs and photos.  Makes a great short read. ;)  :huh:

I particularly enjoyed this log:


May 18, 2001 by Jeremy (Jeremy) (100 found)

That's truly unfortunate. It's almost worth making a virtual cache in these areas since it's definitely worth the visit. Check out my link to see some photos of the location. - Jeremy


Good thing he said "almost". ;)



Geo 33D

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