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Hi All,


I recently purchased some Geocoins, and understand that they can be logged, and tracked in a similar fashion to Travel Bugs. Although I'm not really new to caching, I am new to the forum...and I haven't seen Geocoins mentioned very often. Are they commonly used, and what are your experiences with them? Thanks,


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I'm found 9 of the 2003 geocoins and one Mout10Bike coin as well as several of the candian geocoins (which aren't tracked like Travelbugs on this site). Always fun to find a coin.


Most people put them in a plastic case to keep them nice. I think I've only seen 2 that weren't done that way.


Haven't seen any of the new 2004 coins yet.

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Most people put them in a plastic case to keep them nice.  I think I've only seen 2 that weren't done that way.


Haven't seen any of the new 2004 coins yet.


The plastic case suggest is a great one...I hadn't thought of that, but did wonder how "wear & tear" would degrade the Geocoins appearance. The coins I purchased at the 2004 edition - they are beautiful, I've already activated the first one and cannot wait to get it placed....I'll pick up some coin collectors protective cases first though.



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One of the locals placed an exceptionally difficult multi-cache and had 5 geocoins as prizes for the first five finders. The cache actually contained certificates that you had to get back to him to get your coin (thankfully for me, he showed up at the park while I was looking for the cache).


Rather than release mine, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a square piece of wood with a nice bevel on it, marked the center and then drilled out a hole with an 1-1/4 paddle bit. Stained the wood, hotglued the coin in and it looks great on my geocaching shelf.


Maybe some day I'll release it, but right now it's too much of a reminder of how much fun I had earning it.



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So how do people track the GeoCoins? If someone comes up with a geocoin, what means would he/she have to go through to be able to track it?



The USA Geocoins are tracked just like the Travelbugs are on this site. From the Geocaching page you can click on the Travelbug menu for more information. Just think of a USA Geocoin as being a Travelbug.

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Thanks for your reply.


I think the GeoCoins are pretty neat items, they are no more expensive than the travel bugs, and look nicer.


It would be neat if organizations from different states all printed up their own coins to have put in their own area for those cachers traveling through. I know the die charges are pretty spendy though, once place I found you can have 100 made up for $375, then if you have an exact reorder, it is $150 off.

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This has been done in a few states. I organize theoregongeocoinsbtn.jpg

currently. Also there are state coins for Texas and California (they are just getting their first batch ordered). There is even a Canadian version.

Hey Bazzle, do you have any idea where they get their coins printed at? I'd really like to see Montana get some made up even if our community won't fund the purchase I'd still like our organization to get some made for Montana.




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They are all designed by cachers. The Oregon ones are from Pressed Metal. They also are doing the California ones and the US ones. I believe they do the Texas and Canada ones also but I am not positive about that. There is a minimum order of 250, the die costs is somewhere in the area of $175 to $250, but only needs to be made once. The per coin price for the Oregon coins is $2.50 canadian for 250-499 and $2.30 canadian for 500+. You have to get permission from Groundspeak to use the Geocaching logo.


If you want to do it I suggest you work on the forums or within your local caching group to create a desgin and get as many people in yuor state as you can to buy-in to the design. Then place a large order for the first go round, spreading the cost of the die over the first batch. We did that in Oregon and got 750 the first time at $2.25 US each. We are just about to get another 500 made, but this time the die is paid for so they are only $1.89 each.


Also in order to use the Geocaching die with their logo for the backside, like all the ones already made, nobody can make any money on them.


It is quite an undertaking, but well worth it when those shiny new coins begin to hit the caches for the first time :D

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