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New Caches In Oman Accessible From Muscat

The Forester

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Of the three pre-existing caches in Oman, only one has been visited. Perhaps this is because they are all quite remote from either Muscat or Salalah where most of the expats live.


To help to redress this, and to help to give geocaching a slight boost in the Sultanate, I've placed two caches within reasonably easy travelling distance from Muscat.


The first is called Cancer. It is quite accurately placed upon the Tropic of Cancer and the cache contents are mostly based on that theme. The site is easily accessible from Muscat and surrounding conurbations and does not even require a 4WD to reach within easy walking distance of it. Round trip time from Muscat is about 3 hours.


The second requires a nightstop somewhere near Ras al Hadd or the Turtle Reserve at Ras Juniz. It is placed at one of the Easternmost extremities of the Arabian Peninsula and the cache is therefore named Eastern Sultanate.


I hope residents of the Magic Kingdom and the Emirates will consider making the journey to bag one or both of these caches. Oman is a great place to visit and the new Visa procedure is extremely easy -- just pay 6 Omani Rials at the border and go on your way.


Cheers, The Forester

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