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Hi All! I'm A MA Transplant Now In VA


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Hello All!


I've just moved to the Virginia side of Washington DC's metro area (Fairfax County) and thought I'd say hello! I've been Geocaching since March and enjoy it a lot! :lol: In Massachusetts we had Geomeets 4 times a year, which was a great way to meet fellow Geocachers and people in general... I don't know what all goes on here in Virginia/DC, but I'm looking forward to talking with folks and getting to know everyone!


Thanks all!




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I remember when you posted a while back about looking for cache ideas in the Northern Virginia area (Springfield or W Springfield if I remember right?). :D


I don't think there's a NoVA organization set up yet, but up in Maryland we get some folks from VA coming to our events (JoeCthulhu is one and there are a few others). You're always welcome to come, we're not that far :D


Right now we're planning an event you can help out with if you'd like. Stop on over to the Maryland Geocaching Society, there's a large Uncle Sam pointing at you when you get there... just follow him to the forums and feel free to chime in!


I look forward to meeting you at a future event. :(

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Yup! That was me looking for info in Springfield VA! ;) My hubby and i have finally moved in and are all settled in Centreville VA! :blink: I haven't done any caching in Virginia since moving here a few weeks ago because I've been on vacation almost ever since! I found 8 or 9 in Florida the first week of December and just did 3 in New Jersey, so it's been crazy!


Glad to be here, will definitely check out the MD geocachers site! Thanks for the info! Looking forward to meeting folks!



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