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Two Different "log Your Visit" Pages

The Wildleys
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So far as I can tell, this only happens for caches that are yet to be found.


All caches have the "Log Your Visit" button in the top-right corner of the cache page.


However, caches with no logs also say, at the bottom of the cache page:

Logged Visits (No Logs. Found It? Log it!)

"Log It!" is a link.


"Log Your Visit" is a hyperlink to:



"Log it!" is a hyperlink to:



where xxx is the cache ID.


I think the "Log Your Visit" button used to link to the second URL, too. It has an edit box for the "User's Web Page". I wondered where this had gone!


Is it a bug? Why the two pages? Why the different info available to edit on each?

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The second link you refer to is the old log entry page. This is the link I currently use on my phone because it doesn't require javascript to navigate the form. It's existance on the page with no logs is probably an oversight. It's existance is (hopefully) because people like Kablooey and I still use it.



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