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FRS is only leagal in the US and Canada. Some South American countries are using it, but I haven't been able to find anything official on the books stating this.


I do know that FRS, as used in the US and Canada is NOT leagal for use in Sweden. But, there is a service available to you that is very similar. PMR 446 is the European (CEPT) version of FRS. It works at 446MHz, has the same parmeters as FRS mostly, and most of the radios look identical to the US FRS radios. I do not know if Garmin makes a Rino version that covers PMR 446, I haven't seen or heard of anything.


The frequencies used by the US FRS radios are assigned to other uses in Sweden and the rest of Europe. Chances are any use of a US type FRS radio there would cause problems for some licenced user.


There is a PMR446 fourm at WWW.POPULARWIRELESS.COM Go to the forums and down near the bottom you will find it. Not a lot of traffic on that one, but you should be able to get some help.

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