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Aprs Maps

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Hello all. I notice there is a APRS interest among the group. Imagine that! :P


I receintly setup a "test" APRS station in the shack. I was running WinAPRS through the sound card (RigBlaster NOMIC), and a ADI AR-146. I run this setup for key to key packet on 145.030.


I was really impressed with the "APRS test" outcome. I was even more impressed with the amount of traffic I seen! There was about 2/3 of the state of Wisconsin covered with beacons. The WinAPRS software was real easy to setup and understand. My only complaint was the map detail. I downloaded the monster WinAPRS setup 50+ megs with maps. The detail was not great, just the state outline.


Here is the question, where to find detailed maps? Would I be lucky enough to be able to merge maps form any of the Garmin Mapsource CDs? I'd like to be able to run maps with all state and interstate highways, and "major" cities. I'd also like to be able to run a few detailed city maps.


On a final note, I just read the APRS book the ARRL has listed as out of stock. The book was really informative, but a little dated. Some of the internet reference pages were a little bit of internet history. I'd suggest that anyone looking to get into APRS, find that book somewhere! I found it at a library that was a few cities away. I was lucky enough that our local library could "borrow" it from them for me.


Take Care, 73 :)


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