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New To N NJ, Looking To Make Geocaching Buddies.


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I just moved up here to North New Jersey from Miami and I am looking to make some friends for Geocaching. I will check back on this post, but I can be reached on AIM at the screen name "Poki D Clown" or my e-mail at jove@bellsouth.net .

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To geocache in New Jersey, you need to apply for a Geocache ID. Plus a Geocache Seeking Permit for every cache you want to attempt. Fingerprints, retina scan, two references, an FBI background check, a urine sample, a DNA sample, $150 in small unmarked bills (no consecutive serial numbers,) and an extremely long delay are mandatory. Contact your local police department to start the humiliation process.


Welcome to New Jersey!

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That was was my second cache try and I searched for 45 minutes until going onto another cache. I couldn't find it. I went all up and down where I believe it's supposed to be with no luck. I sent an e-mail to "The Artfull Dodger" asking for a little help.

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Team Og is correct, but failed to mention the GPS purchase permit, map download tax, geoclipping tariff, and multicache hunting stamps. Be prepared to be viewed as a criminal as you park for your cache hunts. You know geocaching is a major threat to the security of the NJ populus. DO NOT commit the capital offense of using an ammo box for a cache container.


Keep your eyes on these boards, watch for upcoming get togethers and you will meet wonderful people in this sport.

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Ya know, Marty, someone should put together an "Application Process" multi. Something with about seventy-eight stages, in which the last few start sending you back to the earlier ones. :(


Oh, yeah. If you do Melvin's Multiple Madness, you'll likely meet some great folks and have (and provide) hours of mud-slogging fun. :D

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