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I Have Been Working On This..the Cache Box


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I have been working on this addition to my web site GeoVamp.com it's a data base where I collect info on : what state and city my fellow cachers live in and where you'll got your caching name and why you love caching. It all for fun and I did it for fun~ I really enjoy the way other cachers come up with there names. So please feel free to send me your info and read about others...PLEASE HELP ME GET THIS UP AND GOING. Thanks GeoVamp from Irving , Texas


The Cache Box...Put your name on the List

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Running a little behind on my up dates but there aldone 50 came in over te holidays and I also got a new grand bady to play with sorry about the back up. Also I voided a entry from a cacher in New Jersey if you don't see your name please re-send it...18 month grandson hit the ESC key :unsure:

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