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Cachers Christmas Convention (online)

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I think you're right. Also, I think some people may have refused to get on the forums out of spite. I had planned to log in, but the wife had other plans.


Maybe New Years we'll do it again.


Also, I think the 3rd of December was the day the unrest all came to a head, and that may explain not only the number, but also the increased activity (clicking within the last 15 minutes).

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Looks like some of those 200+ predictions are going down in flames.

Hmmm, just noticed this when I logged in....


Most users ever online was 193 on Jan 5 2004, 01:00 PM


Not sure what that says when we didnt beat the 166 record on a day that most people had off of work, but we stomped it pretty good on the first day back (for some people) after the holidays.

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