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Blood Beach / Spy Glass


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Did anyone find my black(ish) toque? I lost it somewhere...

There was a black toque sitting on the covered picnic table were we collected ourselves and had some hot chocolate after the hike. Just about everyone was gone except for a small gathering in the parking lot when we left so I'm not sure if anyone would have picked it up - we didn't pick it up thinking that someone would realize they were missing it and come back to get it. Sorry.

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Yes AlsidPrime, we found your toque on the trail, deduced it probably belonged to a cacher as it wasn't completely soaked through, and brought it to the picnic area hoping to find the owner. Obviously we missed you, but considering the number of people using the park these days (us cachers excluded) there's a good chance it's still there on one of the picnic tables.


If I'd known it was yours, I could have placed it in a cache and sent you the coords. :unsure:


Not being 100% sure it belonged to our group, we left it at the park. If it's worth a trip back to the park, you can probably go pick it up.



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I've said as much in my log on the cache page, but since it's being discussed here I'll say it again. I had a great time at this event, and I'm very glad I decided to do my 100th this way. I didn't do the head count, but I figured there were over 30 people there, so hearing it was 37 (plus a few canines) is no surprise. When I created the event page I never imagined I'd get that many people even if the weather was perfect. (Okay, I know some people <cough>Alsid<cough> think the weather was perfect.) But to get that many people out at 9:00 am on a cold, rainy/snowy Saturday morning during the holiday season for a significant hike (these were not park & grabs by any stretch) was astounding.


I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and met many great people. It wouldn't have been the same without all of you. Thanks.



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