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3rd Annual Cupid's Caches Event


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The fun filled Cupid's Caches is holding its 3rd annual event on Saturday, February 14, 2004 in the Kitchener - Waterloo - Cambridge area. This is a one day event.


TEAMS -- SAFETY -- This is a team event -- 2 people per team/car. You will be traveling in a car to find the caches so one person drives and the other navigates. This is for your safety on the road. (Your safety is your responsibility) Walking is also required, and given that it is winter, be sure to bring warm clothes and extra socks and shoes/boots in case you get wet feet.


Bring your sweetheart, friends, relatives, and/or children.


DIRECTIONS -- Exit 401 at Homer-Watson Bvld. Turn North/West and then left at Pioneer Drive at the shopping plaza (3rd light North/West of 401). Tim Hortons is in the shopping plaza.


Arrive anytime. We will be meeting for coffee and geo-chatting from 10am to 1130am at the Tim Hortons.


At 1130 we will move next door to Bogey's Grill restaurant for lunch. However, MacDonalds, SubWay, Mr. Sub, and Dairy Queen are within a couple blocks driving.


EVENT STARTS -- at 1300 (1 o'clock) when the instruction-coordinates pages will be given out. Teams will have 15 minutes to read instructions, input coordinates, and get ready. At 1315 (1:15) the hunt begins... and usually takes a couple hours. Most people return by 4 pm.


The first year (2002) people had to find tags tied to trees. In 2003 we held a Geocache Road Rally.


How about polar bear swim caches -- just kidding.


I have a couple ideas, but if you have some of your own, please let me know with a note posted here.


PRIZES -- Each team is to bring a prize for the prize-exchange. It can be romantic, geocaching related, or something else. I think a prize between $10-20 is ok, but thats up to you. Prizes will be handed out when everyone returns to Bogey's Grill restaurant. Please bring the prize in a plain bag of some kind so the prize is kept hidden. Gift wrapping is not required -- but that's up to you.


Also, please let me know with a note posted here if you are going to attend so I can print out enough instructions-coordinates pages.


Thanks -- P38manCdn

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I've sent a note with a link to this topic to many of the s.Ontario cachers that get together on a regular basis for pub nights and the like.


I things go the way I expect, you're going to have a HUGE crowd for your event this year. My plan is to follow up the event with an extended pub night, although I'm not sure that Bogey's Grill is a large enough venue.


Looking forward to the event. :rolleyes:



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Heh heh heh, Bogey's might need an addition the way these Event Caches seem to be snowballing (Had to get the pun in before Flick).


I will co-ordinate with the wife and probably drag my 'usual suspects' with me. So as for now I can unofficially submit that there will be 7 coming for our groups. I will try to get my single buddy a geo-date.


:P The Blue Quasar

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Hmmmm I'm trying to convince my daughter to leave her boyfriend for the day (it's not going over very well right now but I've got a couple of months to work on her). We are both directionally (and vertically) challenged but willing to join in the fun. I've got an 'all wheel drive' vehicle so I'm ready for the run. (Hmmm maybe I can convince Flick to jump ship and join me! No pushing out of ditches! :ph34r: )

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I have received word from "Logger and Ail" and they will be attending too.


I have not heard from any other people I have sent the link too. Hmmmm, maybe that will make it easier for me to win?!?!? Naw, the more the merrier.


As for 1Short and Python Admirer (sp), oh come on.... spending a day with the boyfriend out ranks caching with us old timers?!?!?!


I think she should reconsider, after all just look at the caliber of people that should be there. How can a boyfriend even hope to compare???


:lol: The Blue Quasar

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Ail and I are definitely interested in attending, our only concern is the next day is our company curling bonspiel. Since I am the organizer I usually run around on the Saturday to pick everything up. But I am sure I can have it all arranged the day before.


So as it stands we will be there along with a pair of crutches, should Ail take a spill. Hmmm curling with crutches now that could be fun!

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You can count me in for two. Sounds like fun. Not sure if you mentioned how many particpants showed up last year, but I suspect TrimblesTrek is right. You will probably have a lot more this year. In that regard, may I offer a couple of suggestions. You may want to start the actual events a little earlier, given the number of people and trying to stagger starts times, yet finish before it gets dark. I also think it might be prudent to avoid using cars, if possible. I have visions of hundreds of geocachers tying up local traffic, or worse yet, racing to get to caches and having collisions. :D Sounds like a fun Valentine date to me, though! :D

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I think Steel Cowboy, myself and Hobbyman and Telus will attend this one as well. I will have to get in touch with them but seeign they are from the London/windsor area I think it will be no problemo for them to attend.


Hope to see you all there!! Spread the word!!!



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The fun filled Cupid's Caches is holding its 3rd annual event on Saturday, February 14, 2004 in the Kitchener - Waterloo - Cambridge area. This is a one day event.



Hey P38manCdn, just wondering how the event planning is going?

I notice there is no event cache posted for Feb 14th yet.

Any updates you can provide us with would be great!



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Will this be posted as an event cache on Geocaching.com? There was a fair amount of discussion last night at the Pub night in Stoney Creek and quite a few people mentioned that they were interested in attending this event. I'd sure like to know more about what I'm getting into ! :huh:


Thanks for the great idea, I look forward to hearing more.

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