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Fugawi, Softmap.. Help, Which One?????


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Ok, I have finally decided that NRCAN Toporama just ain't cuttin' it any more. I want to buy a good topo/software package for south-western British Columbia. After all of the recent price cuts, there doesn't seem to be enough difference in cost to base a decision on that...


I've been to all the manufacturer's websites, but really can't seem to find too much that is significantly different between the various offerings. Can anyone give me some insight into this? What you use/used and why you do or do not like it? (Finally is anyone offering anything better than 1:50 000 for BC yet?)


Thanks :P

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I use Ozi Explorer with the ETopo and Spectrum maps and am very happy with the program and the maps. The maps are 1:50,000 and it would be nicer if the scale was better than that, but that is what is available. I suppose I could scan my 1:20,000 scale maps but I have never really felt the need.


I've seen several different versions of map scans and find that the ETopo maps have the best quality scans. The Spectrum Digital Imaging maps are very good but the ETopo maps are definitely better.



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I use the SoftMap Topo50 maps with Fugawi. When I bought these about a year ago they were the most economical solution to get mapping with a good program for managing waypoints, etc. Another big advantage was that the maps are seamless and you could scroll all over the place without bumping into the edge of a map sheet. It's one of laws of nature that the area you're interested in spans the corners of four adjoining map sheets. :rolleyes:


Program wise I think Ozi is the most popular program out there and has a big user base. This means that there are lots extras available such as third party utilities and great customer support. The big disadvantage of Ozi and the digital topomaps currently it can use is that you can only load one map sheet at a time. It also does not have a Palm application if that's a factor for you.


Fugawi is just introducing a new series of topomaps on DVD which are also seamless (within UTM zones), include elevation data and are very cheap at $100 for the entire province. The downside is that they can only be used with Fugawi software.


SoftMap Topo50 are a good deal but can only be used with Fugawi or SoftMaps own GPS Option. They're in between Toporama and products like Etopo and Spectrum as far as quality but I've found they're just as accurate.


As you've seen Fugawi and QVN have just dropped in price. I would expect that the rest of them will have to follow this trend or lose customers.

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I also use Ozi for viewing. I like it alot. smooth movement, interacts well with my GPSr.


I have the QVN maps for all of Ontario and they are great scans. Nice Res. Clear colours.


As far as planning trips and playing with maps digital is the way to go. Although they can never replace my hard copies out in the real world.

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Etopo have just been reconfigured to include more maps per CD, a 3-D viewer, and print to 8.5x11. The copy for SWBC covers all of Vancouver Island, sw coast, all the way east through the Okanagan and north past 100 Mile House. It is compatible with Memory Map, Ozi and Fugawi. I sell them, or you can go to various websites.


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