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Rescue Required In China


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Hi Everyone.


I have a Travel Bug, The Good Professor, who reached his intended goal this year and made it to China. Specifically the Snow Mountain Cache by Savoy.


Wouldn’t you know my bad luck that by the time the Professor got there the cache was gone but the awesome cacher Ooga Booga would not be denied and created the cache again at the location just to make sure that the professor would reach his goal. The coordinates where the Professor is is: N 30° 39.153 E 103° 09.533, since that time the cacher Savoy has placed a new cache but the coordinates are in a different spot than where the cache was originally.


I would like to Bring the Professor back home to Canada. But I think this is going to be impossible now but I thought I would try to write to see if any intrepid cachers out there in China would go to the coordinates listed in this mail and see if the Professor is still there, and if so, bring him down from the mountain and into a more readily available cache to start the long road home. If the Professor gets found, I will update his TB Page to state that he wants to go home to Canada now and would ask the person finding him to update his TB passport to reflect the same.


I know this is a tall order, and I don't expect much to come of it, but I have to try.

If anyone going or living in China can help me retrieve the Professor, I would be most Grateful.


Thanks for your Time


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