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Underwater Cache Containers

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I'm looking for a small submersible cache container. I've found Micro Peli boxes, but these are only IP67 (only temporary immersion). Does anyone have experience of sunken caches - hiding them, or finding them?


We don't really want to provide just a diving slate.





Depending on how big a container you want and how deep you intend to sink it, I've used a screw top plastic 'Tupperware' type container about the size of a pint glass. This has an 'O' ring seal in the lid and has remained watertight (so far) under fairly adverse conditions. I've not actually submerged it but I see no reason why it shouldn't remain watertight , at least to 'arms length' deep providing the lid is screwed down fully.

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Dive shops can also sell you waterproof containers. It's also easy to make one out of PVC pipe. There are great waterproof screwin plugs with O rings that will work and those are fairly cheap.


Or you can do what they did at King Kahekili where they didn't worry about waterproof. There are some photos on that link. The container is a plastic cage which allows water in. Yes there is a divers slate for signing the log. This is a scuba cache. One advantage of this cache is you don't worry about getting wet. For one reason or another most underwater caches end up wet, maybe the pervious cacher doesn't replace the top properly or something, but moisture will enter eventually.

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As an ex diver I know the problem, but on my last hide I used a Biological Sample Flask which I aquired from my local friendly Vet for holding samples. It is appx 7" long and 2" diameter, Solid "Teflon" with screw in flush lid and an O ring seal. Air and Water tight and holds appx 1/3 of a normal Tupperware container.


From experience I think this would do the job....go to your nearest vet and see if he has any lying around...p.s. it even comes with another container within!




Or pic up an old diving torch..with bulb or batteries gone and use the carcass!

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You might find this thread in the General forum useful.


One point to bear in mind is that the container is likely to become covered in slime, so you might want to warn finders to take a means of cleaning it before opening it.

Thanks for the link. It looks like medical/veterinary containers are probably the best bet for my purposes.


I had sort-of considered the slime, but not to any great extent. Yes, suitable warning will be appropriate!

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I have a few containers which are the type used to send biological samples through the post. They sound very much like the ones DeputyDawg mentioned, but these are clear plastic. I only got them yesterday, so I haven't had a good look at them but I was assured they were waterproof.


If you don't have any luck, get in touch and we'll sort something out (perhaps put one in a cache for you when you next pass through Derbyshire!)

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