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Hunting & Geocaching Don't Mix!

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While out caching yesterday I heard a gunshot ;) (far away thank god), but it got me thinking...

While Caching I walk around in areas I have never seen before, that look remote enough to have animals that people might want to hunt, and I have no idea when hunting season is. ;)

For those of you that are hunters, could you fill me in on how to stay safe while you are out there caching. I was already thinking of a flourescent vest and hat, any other ideas. What do you all do?

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Bright hunter orange vest and hat is very much recommended!! Dont wear brownish clothing. Dont try to hide, and dont make animal noises ;)


Unfortunately there are still "hunters" out there that shoot first, identify later. In heavily hunted areas it might be wiser to just avoid caching altogether during open game seasons. Although most hunters are careful to be sure of their targets and beyond, accidents do happen.

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I don't think that you would endear, (sorry), yourselves to many hunters out there if you were to play music in the woods. It could be misconstrued as harrassment and there are laws that could cause you some problems. I realize your reply was probably tongue in cheek, but just in case it wasn't.... :yikes!

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I do not know about that I hear Head banging music coming from the Forest all during hunting season.No wonder the deer leave and come to my house.


Bright colors are best,

Do not wear white or brown.


I am a hunter as well but these days as well as the past I have seen things that make me stay away from the woods(like the deer)!!!!!!!!!!

they aint no dummies.

Gun season is not usually that long,so it does not interfere with my caching.


In heavily wooded areas there is a very slim chance of a ricochet(bouncing bullet)

but in open areas the chances are greater.


Your statement is a little harsh.

Hunting and Caching dont mix.


You could say that about anything,as we have seen here caveing and caching dont mix.


We all just have to learn to live together.

Caching and everything mix,you just have to find out the proper implementation.

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... could you fill me in on how to stay safe while you are out there caching... What do you all do?

One other responsibility also lies with the cache placer/owner.

It is helpful to note clearly in the cache description that this location is a hunting ground - and maybe some indication of safe days (e.g. no hunting on Sundays in Pennsylvania), or maybe a link to the local hunting organization.


The Selector even provides an image to place on your pages, if you like.

hunting.gif Hunting in area - use caution!

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