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What Is The Largest Cache Container You've Found?

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The small container discussion got to me wonder... what is the largest container you've found? It seems to me that the bigger the container, the more carefully it must be hidden. Lets see how clever people have been!


For us, this cache was the largest. It was a large ammo can buried under a huge pile of rocks. To the cacher's eye, it was pretty obvious where it was. To the muggle eye though, it wouldn't get a second look.

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Found a black 5 gallon bucket cache which I suppose used to hold something like asphalt sealer or something. The lid didn't fit all that tight and so the contents were wet from moisture build up. There were even 'dew drops' all over the inside of the bucket.

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We've found a couple big'n's. One was a Criminal cache with a large ammo box hidden in a stump. It was almost comical at HOW noticeable it was from behind - all those 'natural' looking logs and leaves and sticks. (Nobody would find it because the odds are very slim they'd actually go that far off the trail and who'd go around the backside of the stump even if they did scale the hill?) I'm not sure how big the ammo box was itself, but it was about 18 x 12 x 6" Maybe a wee bit bigger.


The other large one was a huge rubbermaid container. Unfortunately it had taken quite a beating and was wrapped up in a day-glo orange trash bag and was still taking on water something fierce. We'd ridden our bikes out to find it and didn't have ANYTHING with us to replace it with. I'm thinking it needs to be replaced with a teeny tiny otter box. <g> Unfortunately the owner is in Japan for four years so I don't see it getting replaced anytime soon - way out in the boonies on logging roads that are all gated and all sorts of yadda. If I get the gumption to waste a day, I may go out and replace it.





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A cache that I help maintain has the largest container I've seen to date. It's called 'FREE Ammo Can Cache', and contains 2 .50-cal ammo cans, as well as trade items inside what I believe is a 20mm rocket ammo can wedged impossibly between some large boulders. When the ammo cans are depleted, 2 more are put inside, and done so with the hopes that the cans will be used to place future caches.


I've pondered slipping one of the newer ones I have in as a special container for someone. I'd have to look at the side to see which type of ammunition goes inside, but it's roughly the same width as a .50-cal, but 2x as long.

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The largest I've found is a 3 gallons bucket. The largest I've placed is a 5 gallon bucket.

The largest cache I've found was a five gallon bucket, placed under the shade of a sycamore tree, down by a creek, right out in the open. Needless to say, the cache isn't there anymore. :P


There wasn't even a clever place for this cache to be hidden near that sycamore. :P

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Everything GEO! is in a large Rubbermaid tub covered with camoed burlap. Great hide and very clever for such a HUGE container.


The other big cache I've found was outside of Lincoln, IL. It was a book themed cache hidden in some kind of great big Army issue box. Not sure what the box was, but it reminded me of a very large roaster oven (if you know what I mean, please let me know). Alas, it disappeared, along with a lot of GREAT prizes.


I was thinking the other day....we own a house about 12 miles from here and are planning on selling it, but haven't really moved on those plans much lately. I wondered about hiding the garage remote somewhere in the yard and using the garage itself as the cache container. Even thought of how neat it would be to have an easel set up with one of those great big pads of paper on it and some big thick markers to use as the logbook.


Considering the garage still needs cleaning out, it would work out pretty good for me...provided people didn't bring their own junk to trade. :P



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For us, this cache was the largest. It was a large ammo can buried under a huge pile of rocks. To the cacher's eye, it was pretty obvious where it was. To the muggle eye though, it wouldn't get a second look.

I guess it did get a second look. It's always a bummer when a large cache goes missing.



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