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100th Find Recap

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I found my 100th cache the other day (Kenny by GranvilleIsland) and have since picked up another 11 or so.


Here are some of my highlights:

  • Days to reach 100 caches, starting from first find (on July 26, 2001): 852
  • First cache: Top Arch
  • Number of countries I have Geocached in: 3
  • Favorite cache found: Rosabelle Cipher
  • Longest stretch of no Geocaching: 9 months
  • Most caches in 1 day: 7
  • Number of GPS units used: 1
  • Number of life-threatening caches: 1 (Van Cott Open Source)
  • Caches I have placed: 2
  • Number of people who have accompanied me while Geocaching: 18
  • Number of Not Founds I have logged: 9
  • Number of First to Finds: 4

Since starting 2.5 years ago, I have come to be much more involved in Geocaching. I now have a couple of caches in development, a new GPS receiver on the way (GPS 60CS) and I'm going to try and hit my 200th in a lot shorter time than it took me to hit 100. :D

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Hey thanks!


I'm pretty sure the time between 100 - 200 will be a lot shorter than the time between 1 - 100.

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