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Congrats To J5!


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Hey, thanks guys!


Saxman -- it all just depends on how well you can multi-task. :)


Managed to sneak the 200th in within our first year -- it was one year ago today that we found our first cache (Queenie in Vancouver).


On the anniversary of our first year, I decided not to do any caching (as long as we don't count the one that Gorak and I found at 12:30AM while night caching) and instead spent the day paddling kayaks around Cultus Lake with fellow cacher BeDoggy.


It's been a fun year. :)



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Gorak, post the pics!  Go on, be passionate, rebellious, and immature!  :)

J5 is bigger and meaner than me. :) I'm afraid he might hurt my little self. :)


Mr. Moderator sir, the above was a personal attack and I will accept whatever punishment you feel is appropriate

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