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Mcdonalds Rubbish

wheeler crew

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Having placed Mctoys in caches( always still sealed in the original bag), and always with a couple of other trinkets. I do not consider that I have dumped the Mctoy in the cache. Remember quite a few cachers take young members of their families out with them, this is a family activity, so the contents of caches tend to reflect that. If your not happy with the contents of a cache why not TN and just trade up, I for one have done this and I know a lot of other cachers have done the same. Dave

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Has anybody else noticed the increasing number of free Mcdonalds beenie type toys dumped in caches in th UK?

Um... you seem to have found 2 caches... does that mean there were more in your second one? :ph34r:


I think McToys have been in caches for a while, now. You learn to avoid them, but we were still taken in by one which looked like a lovely 'Doodles Dog' from Tweenies. We were in the wet and the wind and took him, only to discover when we got in the warm that he was a horrible McToy beanie with an awful plastic head. Bah!


I haven't seen them increasing... <forrest gump>I guess a cache is like a box of choc-o-lates... </forrest gump>

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I do not see anything wrong in finding a MacD toy. I am happy to swop them for my usual items I put in. As being of the more elderly age I collect the MacD's I find for the grandchildren. As I am not in the habit of buying fast food these MacD's are a bonus. Also they are fast becoming collectors items and some rare toys can command a reasonable price in the collectors market. You never know, that MacD toy in a cache may be worth a fortune!

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Most of the cachers I know personally (a dozen or so) along with ourselves also hate "McTat" as we call it. I've actually seen a few older caches with ONLY McTat left in them. Several of the cachers I know have young children that they take along, including ourselves, and I can tell you for a fact then even the kids tend to avoid trading the McTat !!!... It's a shame folks can't be slightly more inventive when trading. It's not that difficult and doesn't have to cost a fortune...



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'One man's rubbish is another man's gold'


My kids (2,4, and 7) are always disappointed if there are not any McToys in a cache. I must admit I have seen some pretty rank looking McToys in caches, but as long as they are in good condition I see no harm in using them as swaps. Whilst YOU may not like the toys, many other children that accompany cachers do. My kids hate all the boring 'grown up' stuff they find in caches, but I don't think they will start advocating that this type of content they be banned or anything.


Lighten up, enjoy the hunt, and if you find something of interest in the cache, treat it as a bonus! :)





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A singing 'Finding Nemo' fish is ten times better than a hairgrip!


Thought you might have picked up Doree the fish that we left in Compton School Cache.

We have loads of old McD toys under beds etc. that some might leave, but instead we left a current toy in its unopened bag. I know my kids are thrilled if they find the missing toy in their latest collection. We don't visit McD's each week to enable the kids to collect every toy so finding one is great for them. Admittedly some toys that you find have seen better days! I would only place one if it was a current toy and in good condition.

It's not always about what us adults want to find in the box!

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