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Shootings In Southern Columbus Oh Area - Caution

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Anyone living in-and-around Columbus is probably already aware of this, but I wanted to make a quick posting here for those that might be considering visiting Columbus for a geocaching trip.


Over the past several months (apparently) there have been incidents where vehicles are being shot at while traveling on the southern loop of I-270. Within the past few days a woman was actually shot and killed on this stretch of road. :ph34r:


Info about shootings from NBC 4 Columbus


This is sort of a dual purpose message... first off, I wouldn't want anyone to go wandering around in that area looking for caches right now and risk getting shot. Also, hiding or seeking caches in that area now would probably be a bad idea - because if any authorities were to see you, you can pretty much expect them to overreact until they can verify what you are really doing.


I mean, it has been known for police and rangers to be pretty tough on geocachers when they are just geocaching. :D When there is someone killing people and shooting at cars in the same area where you are wandering around in the woods with something in your hand... well, you see what I'm getting at.


Take care, stay safe...

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FWIW, there don't appear to be any caches currently hidden in the immediate area of the recent shootings. :ph34r: And, I guess shouldn't tell people not to go after caches that are close to that area anyway... I mean, if I went to the trouble of placing a cache around there - I guess I wouldn't really want someone telling people not to go find it. :D So, if you go after those caches or decide to hide one around there yourself... just be careful.


Newsfeed from NBC4 (broadband video) - might work, not sure if they allow remote linking.

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Do you really mean this, or are you just saying that you mean it? Also, what happened to the dancing banana? Actually, I thought of you when I first heard about all this. :)

Lets see... yes, I really mean it. When I heard about the shootings, I immediately thought "Hmm... I wonder if there are any geocaches in those woods" when I saw the choppercam showing the area where this was all happening.


That led me to think "maybe I should hop into the forums to warm people about this bozo" but I took no further action at that time. That eventually led me to think to myself "crap, now I HAVE to post something about this or else if something happens to a geocacher down there I'll feel guilty about it forever"




I'm not normal, I think. :)


Oh - and I was surprised to notice my dancing banana was gone as well... until I read that images are no longer allowed in signatures. Doh!


EDIT: (removed dancing geobanana in case it is against policy now)

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I would have *really* appreciated having this information available when I visited Columbus for a geocaching blitz on Columbus Day weekend. As luck would have it, I covered the north side of town, but that was purely fortuitous. I like going to a new area with 500 caches loaded onto my GPS and PDA and just wandering wherever I feel like. I could have just as easily gone to the south.


Well anyways, I didn't get shot at by that miscreant. Instead, I had a near miss with a law-abiding hunter at This Cache.


So thanks for the info, Rubbertoe. Out of towners don't know these things. It is good to see you back in the forums. Feel free to paste the Dancing Toe into the occasional post. I think it was just a case of graphics overload that led to the prohibition. It got to the point where you had to scroll a lot and squint just to find the actual message text. I like the new clean look of the forums but I don't mind the occasional graphic.

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I would have *really* appreciated having this information available when I visited Columbus for a geocaching blitz on Columbus Day weekend.

This hasn't been in the news until the last week or so. I'm guessing that it took blood and death to wake anyone up.


FWIW, There aren't many caches near there at all. The closest few are well away from the highway, but I'm sure there is beefed up patrol on all wilderness areas close to major thoroughfares in town. We have quite a few, being an overgrown cow-town and all...

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Come on guys. You cannot let some wise guy keep you from doing what you enjoy. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. Somethings gonna get you some day anyway. Hey Toe! Been awhile since I have seen your logs, wondered if you were still out there. This year has been so busy, I have only had time to check out the forums. Been ugly lately!! Seeker BP

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I was placing a cache on Saturday morning and realized that I was only 100 yards from the the same highway just about the same time I realized that I hadn't put a log and pencil and hadn't come up with a name for it. With people seeing me go that direction to begin with, I didn't want to be detained for just being in the wrong place in a bad time. But, I'll get it there soon enough.


They shut down the highway some time this weekend to investigate. I guess (s)he's still shooting. Crazy.

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