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I-95. Northeast To Florida Caching...

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How about "I-95 Book On Tape Echange -- Southbound" in Florida, Waypoint GCH016.


"I-95 Book On Tape Echange -- Northbound" in Georgia, Waypoint GCH013.


I visited the southbound exchange and enjoyed a book I've allways been curious about on the way home. I'll be visiting these caches every time I go south from now on.


I found these by using the "view map" feature and following I-95. It may take some time to search all the way down. Hmmm.... Maybe next trip I'll pick some caches to break up the trip. Thanks for the idea.

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Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the markwell MissJenn.


you will be coming from LI so I assume you will be taking the OuterBridge Crossing no?


Most likely yes. But only because I will be doing a bunch of caches on the NJ side of the GWB next weekend.


Any others? Please keep 'em coming. Thanks. ;)

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I-95 Travel Port - Bug Hotel in Maryland, if you have a travel bug to trade.


I found this cache on Thanksgiving day enroute to visiting my mother in Florida. It's a good one, you have to leave the Interstate but there's a gas station nearby so you could kill two birds, so to speak.


Don't miss the two book-on-tape exchanges mentioned. Pick up some audio books on the way down!


Take a look at my caches found for some other ideas too since we just made this trip. Have fun!

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