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GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)


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GSAK – Geocaching Swiss Army Knife


This is the first public release of GSAK – the successor to geo2ozi for ALL geocachers, not just OziExplorer users. As there have been so many changes, this release is Beta. Many thanks to Maccamob and Leek for help with testing this release, but I am not so naïve to think we have picked up all the bugs. I encourage as many people as possible to download and try this version. However, if you have no concept, or are not comfortable with beta software, I suggest you wait until the final release


The final goal of this software will be to produce a tool that has all the major features of EasyGPS, Watcher, GPX Spinner, and Geo2Ozi. There will also be other unique features that will benefit the broader geocaching community.


All feedback is welcome – particularly bug reports. The primary goal of this release is to fix any bugs so I can release a stable version that everyone will be confident of using.


Once I have a stable version, I can then start work on rolling out more features.


The best way to get a feel for what the program does is to download and give it a try. For those coming from Geo2ozi the major changes are:


1. New columns with icons for for Cache type, travel bugs, user notes, Last 4 logs

2. New concept of Databases. You can create/delete you own databases. This allows you to set up a database for each state, or testing, or whatever. You can still use filters to select your required data – this just gives you another option

3. New option to export to MapSend WPT files (others coming soon)

4. Complete Interface make over. Offline screen is the primary screen, now with Menu options and tool bar.

5. Export/Import User Notes. Good for backing up your user notes, or importing user notes from and external source

6. Added “last log” date column. You can now view ALL the cache activity by sorting on this column

7. Instant colour coded counts (found, not found, placed, archived) displayed in the status bar

8. New “tags” for generating your own waypoint description


One day I will add in a complete help system, but for now (if there is something you don’t understand) just email me or leave a note in the forum (http://geocaching.com.au/forum) in the GSAK topic


However one item that I should explain now is the “Last 4 Logs” icon. The last 4 logs (notes are ignored) are represented in this order - where 1 is most recent.




Red=Not Found

Grey=No log yet


Download here http://members.iinet.net.au/~cwe/gsak.htm




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Hi All,


Beta 2 is now ready for download


Fixes this release:


Fixed bug when right click on cache, select show in ozi, crashes if your international decimal seperator is a comma

Fixed bug when you save a filter, change your date settings, then try to restore that filter causing a crash

Fixed bug in filters if your short date format had the month as MMM

Fixed a whole range of bugs to do with drag and drop, and starting GSAK by double clicking on a GPX file (see riblits post)

Error checking to make sure only one instance of GSAK is running

HTML "Placed by" index is no longer case sensitive

Added option on association form to force GPX file association on start up

Archived caches are now indicated on ofline browser view


Though not realy a bug fix, I have added the option to force GSAK to associate GPX files on start up. This is mainly for current users of EasyGps, which auttomatically associates itself with GPX files without asking you.


Another step closer to a final stable release 1. However, I still encourage everyone to test out all the features – even those that were were working before. Unfortunately, fixing one bug often creates another.


Download here http://members.iinet.net.au/~cwe/gsak.htm




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Hi All,


Beta 4 is now ready for download


Fixes since Beta2:


Fixed crash when trying to create WPT files from LOC imported data

Fixed crash, if database is deleted manually (eg outside GSAK via windows explorer) - Empty database is now


Fixed bug with commas in OziExplorer waypoints. These waypoints were showing in Ozi in a large type face, and you could not right mouse click on them. Commas are now preserved in OziExplorer Waypoint names, by correctly converting them to Hex D1

Fixed bug with import of LOC files that caused the "Placed by" name to be empty

Loc files now use the physical file date for the “newer” comparison when updating. (Previously they just used the current date)

Fixed crash when displaying HTML and International Setting is Sweedish

Fixed Incorrect UTM display if International Setting is Sweedish

Config option to toggle the display the UTM co-ordinates in offline HTML

Changed the GSAK icon


The comparison of “newer” data is not an issue with the GPX files from geocaching.com as they have the date of the update inside the data. However LOC files don’t. Therefore it makes more sense to use the physical file date rather than the current date.


Download here http://gsak.geocaching.com.au




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Hi All,


GSAK Beta 5 is now ready for download - fixes include:


Fixed a problem with caches that would sometimes result in the "Invalid variant type conversion error" message when loading a GPX file. NOTE: If you had this problem, You must first take the option to repair the database. This only needs to be done once.

Fixed Ozi archived colour (was incorrectly using the archived colour in the config menu)

Added the cacheL.gif file so the locationless caches correctly show in the offline HTML

Corrected typos in config and main screen

Fixed "Error loading MIDAS.DLL" problem


Download here http://gsak.geocaching.com.au




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Hi all,


Beta 6 is now ready for download


The bug reports have nearly come to a stop now. This means we are close to a stable version, or nobody is using it any more!


Beta6 changes include:


Fixed error when you select to view a cache offline from OziExplorer.

Fixed error when you click on “hints” from offline page (ex OziExplorer).

Fixed sorting quirk when clicking the mouse too quickly.

Added help file.

Many subtle interface changes to make GSAK more windows standards compliant


The sorting quirk would happen if you clicked on a column heading to sort in ascending sequence, then again quickly to sort in descending sequence. The program would then interpret this action as a “double mouse click” and perform the corresponding option you have set in the configuration. This quirk has now been fixed, so it shouldn’t matter how quickly you toggle between ascending and descending sort sequences.


The help file is by no means comprehensive. Currently it consists of a screen shot of the main form. This image has hot spots you can click on to get more information about any of the sections on the screen. This should at least give the first time user a leg up in getting started. A full indexed help file will come – one day!


Thanks to all that have given me feedback and suggested new features.


Please be aware that I only get to work on this program in my spare time (the bulk of which GSAK is sucking up at the moment) so these new features will not appear immediately. I really need to get this version stable and signed off before adding in ANYTHING new (just adding the UTM configuration option, sprouted the OziExplorer error fixed in this release).


Download here http://gsak.geocaching.com.au




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I just tried GSAK. Evaluating if I can replace Spinner and Watcher. Pretty nice software.

Here are a couple of things:


(1) All caches from my geocaching.com GPX file showed up as "found" and they are not. It must be keying off the <sym> tag which I tampered with for my GPS. When I changed it back to Geocache, all were correctly classified. I am not sure if any other field would be better to mark Found or not.

(I found out why my found count is low - some found caches were archived.)


(2)When I manually changed all the caches to not found, the Found count showed as "-1".


I am still evaluating it, but it looks pretty good.

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I just tried GSAK. Evaluating if I can replace Spinner and Watcher.

Thanks for your feedback


The issues you raised will be addressed in the next release. (there is also an option to recalculate counts from the Database menu)


There are many more features I want to add to the program once this version becomes stable. At this early stage, you will find there are things missing that might otherwise make this program a viable replacement for spinner and watcher.




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I've been testing a couple of versions. I've found that when I export the HTML files and add them to my PDA, (via Plucker) the hints don't come through. (This I discovered in the 'field' when I needed them, should have checked first!).

I changed Plucker's depth to the next level (4?) and I got a huge file that took the current pages as well off the site. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Otherwise, a great software! Haven't tried Beta 6 yet, just noticed it. Thanks.

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I changed Plucker's depth to the next level (4?) and I got a huge file that took the current pages as well off the site. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I use a pocket PC so this is not an issue.


I am no guru on plucker, but you are correct in setting the depth level to 4 in order to get the hints. I also suspect this would not be a problem if you were "offline" when generating the plucker file.


I think the reason you are getting such a big file with the current oline pages is becuase there is a link to the current information at the top of each page. I will look at including an option to stop this link from being produced when generating HTML pages.


You may also like to check if there is some option in plucker that would stop it from trying to pull down ONLINE links (pages). All the information generated by GSAK (including hints) is generated offline, so only the offline content needs to be included.


Perhaps other plucker users might like to comment on this?


There may be similar issues with Isolo, but I know this works fine on a pocket PC (pocket explorer is built in)

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GSAK 1.00 final is now ready for download.


I have trouble believing there is any such thing as “bug free” software, but the bug reports for GSAK Beta 6 have come to a stop. I feel this version has had enough testing to warrant the final release. If any problems do pop up in the final release I will just do a Micro$oft and release a “service pack”.


If you have been putting off trying the program because you don’t like Beta software then now is the time to give it a go.


Please note that this program is FAR from finished. Thanks to your feed back I have enough to go on with for quite some time. I also have some pet features of my own that I would like to add.


I have already started work on version 1.01 and hope to add these new features in a series of minor updates. The most common requested (and easiest) features will be added first. There is also a little surprise in 1.01 I hope you will all like.


This final release only has a few minor changes to Beta 6 but I would encourage anyone with an earlier version to update. Changes include:


Minor enhancements and changes to the GUI interface.

Minor changes to the offline HTML pages.

Minor changes to the help file.

Fixed a bug where the description of a cache would be the name of a travel bug in the cache (this would only happen if the cache had a travel bug AND zero logs)


Download here http://gsak.geocaching.com.au




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Hi All,


GSAK 1.01 Beta 1 is now ready for download. Changes made since 1.00 are quite substantial, so again if you don’t like trying beta sofware (especially beta 1) I suggest you wait until the final release.


Changes in this version:


1. Split screen display ( a pet project of mine I have been working on for some time)


2. Quick Search - Handy instant search feature at top of screen. The search is optimised for speed and results are instant (after each keystroke). What you key is treated similar to setting a "contains" filter on cache description.


3. Addition of "User Flag" - allows you to update any cache with a user flag (just click in the box). You can then set filters on the flag. This allows you to select/exclude individual caches in your filters


4. Tool button to clear all user flags. Quick way of removing all user flags - rather than having to do one by one mouse clicking.


5. Ability to delete a cache from the database - right mouse click on a cache to see option. You can also stop this cache from being added to the database on future GPX loads (refer help button)


6. The "Notes" icon is now sensitive to the double click. IE you can now position your mouse on any row's note icon and double mouse click. This will then bring up the add/change notes dialog box. A double mouse click anywhere else is treated as before (depends on your settings in configuration)


7. Better interrogation of "placed by" to match your placed by count. You now have 3 different methods for matching your "Placed by" caches. Exact, using wild cards, or gc.com user ID. Refer to the help button on the corresponding section in the config screen.


8. Load of GPX file now has a "Most Recent" box to select files from


9. Hint display on incomplete column information. This is mainly for users with low screen resolution, eg 800 x 600. This feature allows you to shorten your column width yet still be able to see the full information. IE if the information for any cell (cache description is a good example) does not fit in the column width, you can now hover your mouse over that cell to get the full information to show as a hint.


10. HTML screen options are now “sticky”


11. HTML “Placed by” index now has the option to use the owner ID to group placed by names together.


12. Export to LOC file format. Sorry, GPX export will have to wait until 1.02 but this option at least gives all users a path to get GSAK information into the GPS. The LOC file export will allow you to take advantages of all the GSAK features (filters, smart name, etc.) then you can import this file into EasyGps for upload to your GPS. I know EasyGps likes the GPX format better, and direct upload to your GPS would be better still – but Rome was not built in a day.


13. Updated help file and all help dialogs have been conveted to conventional help file links. Any help button you click on now brings up a traditional help screen. The help screens need more work I know, but they are better than nothing.


14 There is now an option on the tools menu to reset the grid columns to the default sequences and widths.


15. Better interrogation of the RobLisa format to pull out the “placed by” name. There was a problem with caches that had a descriptions like “gift by the sea by geocacher”. The Cache name would become “Gift” and the placed by would become “by the sea by geocacher”. Now fixed.


When you install 1.01 you will notice a new button on the tool bar -Hide/Show split screen. The split screen allows for concurrent viewing of caches in 4 formats:


1. Full cache view - same as offline view

2. Description only

4. Logs only

5. Logs summary


Just mouse click on any cache in the grid to see the new information in the split screen.


You can select your preferred format from the drop down box that appears when you click this new button.


To get back the full screen, just click on the same button again.


There is also a splitter bar (hover your mouse between the joining of the Grid and the new display) which will enable you to adjust the size of the viewing area. IE for the Logs summary you only need a small amount, but full cache view may warrant at least half the screen (depending on your screen resolution)


Download here http://gsak.geocaching.com.au




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Hi All


Beta 2 is now ready.


Just a minor update to address a few problems and add a couple of extra features


Fixed obscure problem with "smart name" generation that resulted in a blank name being created

Fixed broken links in help file

Distance & bearing is now automatically calculated for new caches added to the database (there must be a center point set at the time)

Minor help file changes

Added archive icon to HTML indexes

Added link to "nearest caches" in the PDA HTML format

New zip control, as old one was causing random (but rare) crashes.

Option on GPX/LOC open to interrogate the logs for extra “found” caches.


Download here http://gsak.geocaching.com.au




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Beta 4 is now ready


Changes this version:


Webcam caches

For some reason the GPX file from gc.com does not show this type of cache as a found, even though you have logged it as per their guidelines.

GSAK now handles these caches better. The correct camera icon is shown in the logs and your find will be counted if you have the “also interrogate logs for found caches” (see next note)


“Also interrogate logs for found caches”

If you set this option when loading a GPX file, GSAK will interrogate all the logs to see if you have logged a find. It uses the same logic as your “placed by” settings (Tools ->Configuration) to determine a match. GSAK now recognizes Webcam caches and also searches ALL the logs in your database – not just the last 5 as per the limit of your GPX file


Manual update of found caches

The logic has changed for this option. You can still update the cache found status as before (clicking in the box). However, if you have this option set (Tools -> Configuration) GSAK now updates the found status of a cache, ONLY if the incoming GPX file indicates this as a “found” cache. Previously it would NEVER update the found status on a GPX load.


Gpx load settings saved/restored per database

The settings “clear database”, “newer only”, “always”, and “Also interrogate ….” On the GPX load are no longer global settings. IE they are now (saved and restored) at the database level.


This will be the last set of changes for the 1.01 branch (other than bug fixes). If there are no bug reports I will convert this to the final release.


Download here http://gsak.geocaching.com.au




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Posted: 22 December 03 4:23 pm Post subject: Beta 5




Beta 5 is now ready


I only need to mention the word final and the bugs come out of the woodwork.


Changes this version:


Fixed bug in load of GPX file created from EasyGPS. GPX files from gc.com are by far the better source of data for GSAK – Only use GPX files output from EasyGPS if you have no other source. (They don’t contain much information and are of very limited use to GSAK)


Fixed bug that caused GSAK to crash if “ (Double quote) was use in the quick search or filter


Fixed bug that caused GSAK to crash when invoked from OziExplorer and you selected “online” for the OziExplorer open file attachment option.


Fixed bug that allows you to enter numbers other that those in the drop down box for difficulty and terrain (filter screen).


Fixed bug that shows incorrect count totals after setting a centre point or clicking on home button. (Occurs only when a filter is set)


Fixed “quirk” that allowed non-numeric data to be entered when setting a distance filter. Previously the non-numeric data would just be stripped out – now you also get an error message.


Fixed “quirk” in sorting of travel bug, user flag, and notes column. When you click on the heading of one of these columns, the records are now sorted so it brings these icons to the top of the screen FIRST. Previously, the first click would sort these records to the bottom of the file and you would then need another click to reverse the sort so they came to the top of the screen.


Not a bug, but added the use of the “Escape” key to cancel a filter. This is really just a taste of things to come. For those that like to use the keyboard rather than the mouse, version 1.02 will see a whole lot more keyboard shortcuts.


Minor changes to the Interface


Minor changes to the help file


Download here http://gsak.geocaching.com.au




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GSAK 1.01 Final is ready.


The only significant change to Beta 5 is the detection of binary LOC files output from EasyGPS. These files are NOT in the same XML format as output from gecocaching.com and (previously) trying to load them could corrupt the GSAK database. If you must use files output from EasyGPS then save them as GPX – this will work but the information is very limited.


I know I have said this before but I will say it again. The GPX files from geocaching.com are by far the best source data for GSAK. They contain a whole lot more information and GSAK was specifically written to make use of all this extra data. LOC files in particular have very limited information and hence you are really only getting about 10% use out of GSAK. If you are serious about geocaching – get the GPX files from geocaching.com


Again, I encourage all users to upgrade. If you have been putting off trying the beta versions, now is the time to give it a go.


What does the future hold for GSAK?


There is still a whole lot more I want to do. I have a few things to knock out in the short term (like export to GPX) but to be a truly all round geocaching application I need to be able to talk directly to the GPS. I have been doing some research on this and the prognosis was not good. The whole communications thing was a bit of a nightmare - different brands, models, firmware, icons, protocols, - the list just goes on and on. I say WAS because......


While doing this research, I received an email from a Mr. Robert Lipe. (Name rings a bell? - he is the original author of GPSBabel) He mentioned that the whole GPS communication thing was a real time sucker, and had spent the last 2 years getting it right! He suggested that I use GPSBabel "under the hood" in GSAK to speak to the GPS.


I have done some preliminary testing now using GPSBabel with GSAK. Although not perfect, I do believe this will give me a clear fast track path to the world of GPS communications. It can be done in such a way that the user will be completely oblivious to the fact that GPSBabel is running "Under the hood “. Robert and I are still discussing some issues but I am enthused by this latest development.


One possible downside is that GPSBabel only supports Garmin and Magellan GPSs (just about all models); though from what I have seen in the forums I think that would cover over 90% of geocaching users?


Another huge benefit is it gives GSAK almost instant access to a whole lot of export formats - all I need to do is write the GUI front end for the export of the formats. (Would have saved me heaps of time for the mapsend export).I just need to get some idea of the popular formats so I can organise a priority for rolling these out. You can check out GPSBabel supported formats at http://gpsbabel.sourceforge.net/


Of course this will all take time, but I think we are now looking at weeks rather than months.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for using GSAK and providing feedback. The many positive comments I have received have encouraged the rapid development of it. I know I find GSAK a useful tool for geocaching, I hope you do too.


Download here http://gsak.geocaching.com.au




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GSAK 1.02 Beta 1 is now ready for download.


Changes this release:


Export GPX file

Added shortcut keys

Show cache in OziExplorer now shows cross hairs

User flag menu options

Better error detection of corrupt gpx/loc files

Added index to help file

Tool bar changes


Export GPX file

GSAK can now export to GPX files. This format is fast becoming the defacto standard or lowest common denominator for geocaching applications. You can now merge several GPX files into the one database then export as just one GPX file (or subset using filters). Unlike some other programs the merging of GPX files by GSAK is “intelligent” - it doesn’t just drop duplicates but updates each field for a matched cache. All logs are exported, not just the last 5. If a program can accept GPX or LOC files (eg EasyGPS) always export the GPX format as there is more information provided.


Another side benefit of this option is that it effectively allows you to take a complete backup of a database (includes user notes and ALL logs) into the one GPX file. So if something goes wrong you can just reload the one GPX file to restore your whole database. This could be handy for taking snapshots of your database before doing testing etc.


Shortcut Keys

Many of the menu options now have shortcut keys. See the help file for a complete list


Show cache in OziExplorer

When you right mouse click on a cache and select “Show on OziExplorer map” GSAK now uses a different OziExplorer function. This new function ALWAYS display the cross hairs for a cache (not just when changing maps) and fixes the problem where some times the cross hairs would be slightly out (up to 200mtrs)


Extra user flag options

The main menu now has 4 extra user flag options for user flag management:

Set all user flags

Set for filter only

Clear all user flags

Clear for filter only


Download here http://gsak.geocaching.com.au




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Hi ClydeE,


GSAK is a great tool, congratulation !


Should it be possible to expand the offline functionality about the possibility to download all available pictures (out of the gallery) for one cache and use these for the offline database from GSAK and so on for the HTML generation.


This could be a great improvement and a big step in the direction of a comprehensive solution.


Thanx a lot in advance.




Monastère Onze

aka Mark

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Should it be possible to expand the offline functionality about the possibility to download all available pictures (out of the gallery) for one cache and use these for the offline database from GSAK and so on for the HTML generation.

Hi Mark,


Thanks for the feedback.


Sounds like a good idea. I will add this to my list of things to do.


This list is quite large at the moment so it may not happen soon, but it will happen :huh:




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Great program, it is the only tool I use any more.


Is there anyway that I can filter the caches by cache type? say remove the locationless caches that I have added to the list.

Also why are the locationless caches shown with coordinates? The distances to my home coordinates on some show as 2000 - 3000 miles.




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Hi Dan,


Is there anyway that I can filter the caches by cache type?

Another one to add to my "to do" list (high priority). Not pretty, but you could get around this at the moment by using the "User Flag" - though that may preclude you from using it for other things. Later down the track I will also enable saving of the "user flags" similar to saving of filters.

Also why are the locationless caches shown with coordinates?

When the cache was submitted to gc.com coordinates were entered by the owner. I am open to suggestions on how to handle these type of caches. I could just calculate the distance to be zero, but that may look weird when you sort on the distance column


Suggestions welcome on this one.




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One question - 1 note...


I tried out GSAK and it looks pretty sweet. Is there any chance that you'll add the 'seamless' integration of sending/receiving waypoints to the GPS - I just see where I can create a waypoint file - where as EasyGPS lets me sync immediately without having to create a file and upload it separately.


A 'bug' I've found is that the letterbox hybrids and the puzzle caches are shown in offline mode with a locationless cache icon.





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Is there any chance that you'll add the 'seamless' integration of sending/receiving waypoints to the GPS


Most definitely. This is slated for 1.03 - for more information on this, back up a few posts to "GSAK 1.01 Final is ready" and read the section "What does the future hold for GSAK?"


A 'bug' I've found is that the letterbox hybrids and the puzzle caches are shown in offline mode with a locationless cache icon.


Thanks, I will correct this in the next release.




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Any thought of having a output to export waypoints to Street Atlas


YES, I will be supporting all the major formats. I just need to find out which are the most popular so I can give them priority in my list of "things to do" :rolleyes:


Is this program Freeware? If not, is the license agreement available for viewing online before I download?


I don't mind Shareware, but I won't tolerate Ad-ware / Spyware.


YES, the program is freeware :rolleyes: I too have a passionate hate for Ad-ware/Spyware. I can guarantee there is none of that going on in GSAK. Also if you subscribe to the GSAK mailing list I will NEVER release your address to ANYONE else.

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YES, the program is freeware


Fantastic! I'm downloading at this very minute and can't wait to try it out.


By the way, have you considered listing your program at freeware sites? The following are quality sites that do ~not~ distribute spyware or shareware:

- Nonags

- Son of Spy Freeware

- Only Freeware

- Freeware Home


Just a thought.

Best Wishes,


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A 'bug' I've found is that the letterbox hybrids and the puzzle caches are shown in offline mode with a locationless cache icon.


We are a bit slow here "down under" and don't have any letterbox hybrid caches.


Whould someone be able to send me a gpx file that contains at least one of these caches so I can interrogate and then allow for in GSAK.




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There are tons of Windows solutions. We need more for Palm and Mac.


Tons might be a slight exaggeration, but I will concede there is more choice on the windows platform.


I would also like to point out that many users are successfully using the HTML output from GSAK on the Palm (via plucker or Isolo)


GSAK will also run with "Virtual PC" on the Mac

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Is there a way (or will there be) to select multiple caches at the same time? I'd like to grab a bunch and delete them, but it seems that the only way to do it is one at a time. The usual Shift-click and/or Ctrl-click didn't seem to work.



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There are tons of Windows solutions. We need more for Palm and Mac.




GSAK will also run with "Virtual PC" on the Mac

My experimenting with GSAK on a Mac has been frustrating. But it does not appear to be the fault of the programmer(s) of GSAK. I am trying to get GSAK to work on my eMac (700MHz, 768MB Ram, OS 10.3.2) but it seems it cannot communicate with my Garmin Legend through the Keyspan USB-Serial adapter. I think it's the adapter. I looked on the Keyspan site, but they do NOT offer any drivers for the 28x (apparently a Mac only product), so when I fire up Virtual PC 6.1 running XP Home, it cannot deal with the adapter. Going from a Mac specific application, such as Mac SimpleGPS, it communicates fine with the GPSr. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I'd love to get this working.



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YES, I will be supporting all the major formats. I just need to find out which are the most popular so I can give them priority in my list of "things to do" 


Can I throw in my request for Microsoft Streets & Trips waypoints?


Great program, BTW. Since I've started using GSAK I've pretty much stopped using GPX Spinner, GPS Babel and Easy GPS. My new combo of OxiExplorer and GSAK (and occasionally Magellan MapSend) is far more convenient and, with my Pocket Queries, I find I rarely need to even visit the GC site anymore.


Thanks, Clyde!




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