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Christmas Ideas For The Goecacher

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OK, Christmas is just around the corner and besides a GPS, we REALLY don't need much of anythig else (Coordinates of the nearest, or most interesting geocache de jour are a given). :D


I'm looking for something that really makes a difference or really makes geocaching even more fun than it is!


I already pack a good flashlight (it's dark here a lot in the winter months) and I am currently using a Garmin 76 S :ph34r: after using a Garmin 12 XL for the past few years.


Northern Trekker

North Pole, Alaska

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I heartily recommend CacheMate ($7 shareware) at http://www.smittyware.com for a nice Palm tool that converts GPX input into palm-readable format. Nice tool, lets you sort on waypoint vs. name, create new records, write up your logs, import/export from Palm memos (ie, you could cook up a cut/paste into the Geocaching.com find form if so inclined).


Also has lots of features not in the MobiPocket queries (ie, find the closest by distance to where you're at), convert distances, decrypt things a little easier, etc. Definitely worth a look, there's a free download that handles up to 10 waypoints.


Other nice thing is the conversion tool from GPX -> CacheMate format, which has a unix version, so you don't have to be Windows only.


I've used MobiPocket queries since they came out, but stumbled upon mention of CacheMate at another web site. Very nice tool, I'll be changing my custom queries to just do GPX now, no need for the MobiPocket stuff any more for me.


Getting to where you can cache paperless is a great thing in terms of being able to cache pretty much any time you feel like it. Now if I could just get a newer Palm that I didn't mind getting wet that could USB sync, that Palm IIIxe sure synchs slowly over serial :-(

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O.K. We draw names in our family for Christmas. Each person specifies what they would like for their present.


I chose "unique" geocache items. The family knows (and some are) geocachers, so it is an overwhelming sport to say the least, and I'm sure I will get some good trade items.


That's my reply, anyway. :ph34r:

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I have a palm, but never tried to get the geocaching data into it. Do you have some suggestions about the software to do that?? Where on the web should I go and is it freeware? :ph34r:


Thanks in advance!


Northern Trekker

I had a palm but didn't think I was smart enough to move the pocket query information into it, untill I found CyBret's paperless caching page. Thanks CyBret!!!!

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After having a Minimag bulb burn out on me when I needed it most, I asked Mrs. Og for a CMG Equipment LED flashlight. Comes in either a 2-AA or 3-AA battery model. Single LED with a focused beam that shines "up to 100 feet." Should be great for looking in between rocks, up hollow logs, etc...


Some interesting geocoins woulkd be a nice present too.


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A lightweight headlamp for night caching. (I use a Black Diamond Moonlight - great visibility, comfortable on the head.)


Decent compass; topo software. (Though downloading for free from TopoZone is pretty compelling.)


Gaiters for those damp/muddy days.


Scuba lessons to leave underwater caches.

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The two items that have made the most difference for me are my hiking boots (though it's tough to give those as a present since they have fit just right), and a hydration pack. I shopped around for a while, and got some advice on these forums. I ended up with a Camelbak TransAlp model, and I really like it. They have models for kids too, so we got one of those for our 8 year old.


A digital camera is also great if the cacher doesn't already have one. You can get a great deal on those now.


Here's another slightly off-topic gift idea. Last year we gave some friends of ours a "letterboxing kit". It included all the stuff you need to start letterboxing: carving supplies (we use EZ-cut), exacto knife, a nice acid-free book for stamps, stamp pad and inks, and a few related trinkets. Total cost was only $25 or so, but it's a very personalized gift you can be sure they don't already have.



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I want a set of Motorola Talkabout T5950's but haven't been able to find them anywhere. The wife basically said to go get them for myself, so I guess I'll have to wrap them myself too!


I also hide my own Easter Eggs.


Anyone had experience with these radios? I see Wal-mart has some other brand that has the NOAA Weather Channels built in and claims to have a 7 mile range. They also are a bit cheaper than these...but I don't know if they're worth getting or not.



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This is the California Geocoin I am spearheading. I am selling them at cost for just $3 each. The ordering deadline is Dec. 15, 2003. They will be shipped out in late Januruary or early February, 2004.


The size below was scanned at 300%. The actual Geocoin is 1.5 inches in diameter.


California Geocoin Order Form in pdf format




p.s, the other side of the Geecoin will have the Groundspeak logo (exactly like the U.S.A. and Oregon Geocoins).

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I found a collapsing hicking stick that telescopes out from about 60 cm to about 180 cm and weighs about a pound. It went with us on a family reunion trip to Ireland and my mother in law scarffed it. I found some more and I use it all the time. I would recommend a good practical hiking stick. The one I use is I found in a sporting goods store called Canfields. (http://www.canfields.com/)


An additional suggestion if your artistic ability outweighs your budget, help your geocacher design a cool signature item. We have a cacher here in town that makes geocaching badges that are a hoot. I have found several of them and would like to collect more. This would be a neat gift that would be a personal touch.

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Great ideas on the Flashlight and the Paperless caching. What seems to be the perferred paperless software (maybe there is another thread that I should look into?).


Thanks to all who replyed and I know that there are at least that many again who had there ideas already listed here. Great forum and great geocachers!


Northern Trekker


PS - I always take along extra gloves, pencils (because pens freeze) and a light weight snow shovel in case it is a ground based cache!


Merry Christmas

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My son and I wanted new hiking sticks -- ours were old and made of wooden dowels. So yesterday we happened on a great store in the nearby shopping mall, called "The Walking Company." My wife got us each an early Christmas present -- a new hiking staff. We both selected staffs made of natural sassafrass, an extremely light wood, with nice leather throngs. Only $22.95 each -- I could hardly believe the price, for how nice they are. HM :)

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I got a small Inova flashlight and it has come in handy more then once. I tend to go off trail and have used it to not only look in holes but to explore caves. For its size the X5 puts out alot of light and I'd recommand one for any hiker or camper you know.


ps god I sound like a commercial, still I like it lol.

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