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Happy Eid


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Wonder how did they let you capture them?



Photography in Dir'eyyah is allowed, but the airshow shots I took while parked at the service road of the east ring road, 150 meters away from the show seating area. I parked our minivan behind a jeep and stood between them while taking the shots. My wife and children kept an eye on incoming traffic.. :huh:;);)


The good news is, the Supreme Council of Tourism is working with some of the ministries to allow public photography in Saudi Arabia, which is great.

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That would be simply awesome! The same goes for you if you ever find yourself here in my little part of the world. I imagine that there are some really cool places to hide caches in your part of the world. Isn't it amazing that a sport such as geocaching proves how much we are all alike even if we live on opposite sides of the earth. Happy caching and best wishes to you and your family!

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Out of curiousity, why is photography not allowed? It's obivious after viewing your web site that you are truly a talented photographer and your pictures could definitely be used by your local government to show the beauty of the area. These pictures could be used by those that wish to increase tourism in the area.

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But that will soon be regulated.. Hopefully..


Well, for what it's worth, your government should contract with you to take photographs as those you posted in this thread were stunning. Your photographs could do much to help increase tourism and to show the beauty of your country. Thank you for answering my question, although I find it odd that public photography is forbidden, I also understand that the traditions and customs vary in different places throughout the world. I think it would be both fun and educational for all of us to spend some time in each others' countries. I think it would allow us all to understand each other better. If anyone from Saudi Arabia ever happens to find themself in the SE part of the USA, please let me know and I will do my best to arrange a fun trip complete with geocaching and sightseeing. It would be a lot of fun for all of us.


walzuhair, I would like to once again thank you for your pictures and for helping to educate me about your traditions, customs and laws. I still am amazed how small the internet has helped make the world and how the enjoyment of geocaching has allowed someone from rural Alabama USA, interact with someone literally on the other side of the world in Saudi Arabia. The best to you and your family!

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