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Are Moderators Micro-managing Threads?


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OK. Just kidding. ;)


But seriously, it sure seems that some members are pretty upset with what the moderators are doing.


Like it or not this is the only real forum where geocachers can go. There are no alternatives and as such, perhaps the forum owners could try something to accomodate those here who feel that the current guidelines are too stringent or are too stringently applied.


How about this for a suggestion:


Put a special forum area way down below under "United Kingdom" and anyone who wants to post there without fear of offending the sensibilities of others can.


Threads there can go off topic, arguements can get more vicious than a group of octarians at a tea social and the only moderation will be to remove actual offensive material. The first thread can be dedicated to how that is defined.


That way the moderators will no longer have to justify their decisions and the innocents on the forum who would otherwise be scandalized can stay away.


Call that section of the forum, "The Freedom Forum". It can be moderated by whomever wants the job.



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