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Handheld Gps Devices


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I bought a Magellan 310 for personal use until I found out about geocaching. I found my first 5 caches using it with no problem


After not being able to find a micro with the 310 I bought a Magellan SporTack. So far, it looks like it will meet my needs



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I agree with Dr Grasshopper (no relation): SporTrak Map is really a nice unit. I got mine from OffRoute (from Geocaching.com). You need to stay alert -- Magellan always seems to have some kind of rebate going on. Mine had a $50 rebate for just buying the unit. OffRoute had a reasonable price, and Geocaching.com gets a kickback. The unit comes with the PC cable, and with the free EasyGPS software, loading waypoints is a snap. Plus, you can add Magellan's MapSend TOPO software to add maps to the display (already has some limited maps with it).


Been a good choice for me; acquires sats pretty fast, hold lock very well in heavy cover (even in my house!), and is pretty easy to learn to use.


I also agree with Doc Dean (also no relation): spend a little more for a good quality unit, and you won't be frustrated later (and end up spending more in the end).


Good luck!!

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I am new to this - can someone give me some advice on a good GPS device to buy? I cannot afford one that is too expensive, but maybe $200 or less I am looking to spend. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You can get plenty of GPS for $200. Especially for someone just starting out.


I just returned from TARGET and they currently have the Garmin Basic ETREX on sale for $79. That unit is usually around $130.


My personal preference is Garmin. I just prefer doing business with a US Company, while the main competition Magellen is based in France. I'm sure their units are just as good, but I'll stick with American.

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