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Are There Geocacher Groups That Go Out Together?


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I just started geocaching two days ago and for the most part will be doing so solo. However, in time as I become more experienced I will be increasing the complexity of my cache searching. At some point I would think that going out solo would not be appropriate for safety sake. Are there groups, organizations out there that have been formed by geocachers?

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Welcome to Geocaching, from your usually friendly forum moderator!


Yes, many people go hunting for geocaches as a group, for safety's sake, for family "together time", for extra pairs of eyes on a difficult search, and just for the extra fun of sharing the experience.


Two of the best ways to meet other geocachers are to get involved with your state or regional geocaching association, and to attend an "event cache." You can find information about each from your state's homepage here on Geocaching.com. For example, I see you completed a virtual cache in Washington. So, if you live in Washington, go to the Geocaching in Washington page to see a list of upcoming events and to get a link to the Washington State Geocaching Association. The state homepages are accessed from the pulldown list at the top right of the main geocaching.com home page.

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Welcome to the obsession. I've done most of my finds solo, but do take my family on the weekends. The kids love the treasure hunt. My wife even surprised me. I didn't think she really liked to cache, until she called me at work to ask how to use the GPS. She took the kids on her day off. I find it very relaxing to go out solo. Have fun

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Yep, there are many regional geocaching clubs. There are also informal groups of geocachers who perioducally go out together.


I'm not sure what your safety concerns are, but generally speaking, geocching is as safe as hiking, or walking in the park. There are some chache hunts that are particularly difficult, where teaming up with others is a good idea, but unfortunately, these are the exception.

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While I do geocache alone, I prefer to have company; but not a large crowd. I try to limit the number in the group to not more than four. Breakfast on the road, spending the day hunting for as many cache sites as possible (the more difficult to find the better) and sharing stories along the "trail". Geocaching with the "guys" is always enjoyable, but my favorite geocaching partner is my wife. She's a lot of fun to be with.

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:D Event caches are the key. At the Groundspeak homepage you will see a list of events for all areas. Usually, the local chapters meet once a month. I flew from Sacramento, ca. to Houston, Texas last week and typed in the local zip. I contacteda prominent cacher in the area and he invited me to the Houston areas Christmas event. I found out there are people out there as wacky as I am!!! Great way to meet caching partners, enjoy team events, and meet great people.
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