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We are pretty new at this, really enjoyed where it has taken us so far.


How does one search for a trip. I have taken information on ones where we will end up, but what about along the way? We will be driving 6 hours, Charlotte NC to Williamsburg, VA. Can a trip be mapped out so we will know where there are sites along the way?


We would like to do the search for areas close to the highways.



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This used to be harder, you would basically have to do zip code searches for points along the highway. Now with the new Geocaching maps you can pan around and show caches along the highway. Still not ideal but at least it will show you caches along the route you are driving.



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I travel quite a bit for work and I pick from the map instead of using zip codes. I was able to set up a couple of trips and cache along the way when time allowed ( read almost never) I zoomed areas that looked like noce spots to stop and then dug a little deeper. Nobody knows that many zips. Hope this helps.


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With pocket queries, you can get gobs of caches in one list, convert them to your favorite mapping software's pushpins, then plan trips to your heart's content.




This map was generated on MS Streets & Trips, using Utopia to merge and convert multiple .gpx files (pocket queries) into .csv files that Streets & Trips will read. The blue boxes are traditional or multi-caches. The yellow boxes are virtual, unknown, or webcam caches. The green check marks are found caches. The options for mapping are almost endless. I could map each type of cache separately if I wanted to. Also, by clicking on any of the icons, the GC.com cache page will open in a new window.

Needless to say, $30.00 per year for this capability is worth every penny!!!!

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Hey Scrabblers,


There are lots of great caches around the Hampton Roads Area! We are from Hampton, VA. You should join the local Yahoo group at:


Hampton Roads VA Geocaching Group


We have members from as far as San Diego who visit the area frequently. Lots of great helpful people on the group daily. We would be happy to recommend some fun caches or help you with any questions on the area. We had a Geocaching picnic in Williamsburg the weekend before Isabel hit. There were lots of fun caches there (Waller Mill Park) but Isabel did her number and that park is now shut down until next year. We had quite a few caches impacted by Isabel.


There is a micro cache at a Rest Stop on I64 outside of Richmond you should snag on your way:

I-64 West Rest Stop Micro


Talk about along the highway!


Back to planning your trip. You can put in a zipcode and click "Map It"and Zoom in/out and pan the area now which is good. Perhaps you could use a several Zipcodes and generate a couple of maps to piece together. Hampton, VA 23669, Williamsburg, 23185 are a couple. Other than that, I have to agree with ShaneN4Girls, Pocket Queries are the deal, if you are a premium member and have a PDA!


Anyway, feel free to join up.


Hampton Roads VA Geocaching Group


We'd be happy to help you with your VA part of the trip! We can recommend some others. Hope you enjoy your trip!


CraZy Cache!

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Thanks for all the information!

We will check out the pocket queries. That sounds like a good way to go.


We have located a few that we will try to stop at as well as the ones right in Williamsburg. We don't go all the way to Richmond, we cut across Hopewell instead. Looks like there are a few in that area.


We try to get up that way every few months, it's a long drive so a few caches along the way will help.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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I have been scouring the boards and have had no luck. Can you walk me through taking a .gpx file in Utopia and making pushpins for S & T 2002? I am going nuts trying to get this to work. I can get info from GPSBabel to create pocket streets pushpin files but I have had no luck with creating .stp files with GPSBabel. I would really like to do this.



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