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I Feel Responsible For Aiding In A Tb Kidnapping.


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I found a TB in NC. It's destination was Florida and I planned to go there in the near future so I took possession of it. I went home to NY and my planned trip to FL fell through (lesson on TB etiquit learned there) so I placed it in a local cache hoping that it would reach it's destination even though it was slightly (majorly) of course.


I was delighted to see that it made a few tiny steps, but in the logs someone mentioned that it was not where it was reported to have landed so someone has it without having logged it in. It has been AWOL for several months and there's no way to tell which of the dozen or so vistors might have it.


Someone else has the TB but I feel bad because if it wasn't for me the TB wouldn't have been so far of course and might not have gone missing.


So here's my ideas to fix the situation:


1) The tracking number is still valid so what if I replaced the travel bug item with another similar one and put a tag on it with the TB number and placed it in the cache that the TB was seen at last? I could post a note in the log that the TB has been reincarnated and is ready to start moving again.


There is the danger that the original TB could be put back into play but I seriously doubt that it will happen. Plus there's the matter of a "counterfiet" TB tag.


Can someone obtain an official TB tag with a customized number? This sounds hard to pull off.


2) I could contact the owner and request that the TB be "archived." I could then place a new "Commerative" travel bug with a similar title in the original owner's name in the last place the TB was.


I've learned my lesson about using the travel bugs, so please be kind with your admonishment! Plus, I did log it in etc. and I believed it was on it's way until it went missing because of someone else. But I'll make this right if I can, since it was me who took the thing so far off course. I like option (2). Any comments?

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September 22 by Happy Wanderers (377 found)

WHAT nature trail??? {:-) This is a thorny area to sneak thru, but we made it. Miss Addy Butterfly is gone, and someone logged in the cache log that they took her, but apparently haven't put it on here yet. Left a ninja turtle and took a '36 indian head nickel. Thanks, John for the fun.


If you are near Village Park by HFJohn & Brother Larry (waypoint GCDD5F) you might check to see who the cacher was that logged taking the travel bug. Then you could email that cacher and perhaps find out what happened. At least that is someplace to start.


GeoZeus :)

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Someone else has the TB but I feel bad because if it wasn't for me the TB wouldn't have been so far of course and might not have gone missing.

There is never any guarantee that a bug will not go missing. You are not the problem here, the person that took it is.


Forget all of your solutions, the owner put the bug in the wild knowing the risks. You moved the bug, that is how the game is played. It went missing and that is unfortunate, but not unusual.


Get over the guilt and go caching. When you see a bug and want to move it, don't hesitate because of this incident.

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