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Lets Hear It For The Cat.......and I Am

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The Cat (Fox) is nearly home, in Northants I think at last response.


Let's give a big cheer for Mark!!!


He has done a great thing for Children in Need and I am sure there is still time to give donations, all you marvellous and generous cachers out there who did not catch him, to CIN!


Let's show that UK geocachers are as generous as I know you are!!


And many thanks to those of you who did catch him and donate!


Cheers and cache well,


Eckington :)

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Well folks,


I am back at the place I used to call home once. I walked throught the door and was savaged by the cats, who thought I was an intruder. Diane looked at me and said " you where only going for a pint of milk what kept you".


Seriousley. I have had a great time dispite the set back and we have raised over £1300 for the cause. It was a pleasure to meet such a great bunch of people. I hope I can look on you all as friends.


I will be finishing the event this weekend by doing the North East. The electronice will remain on till Sunday evening so you can catch me anytime till then.


Once again thanks for the support and I look forward to running the next one in 6 months time.

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The problem with the car was as follows. The Cam belt Tensioner bearing failed causing the cam to go out of sync with the pistons. The resulting crunch etc rendered the engine dead. It has now been fixed with loads of new parts. Just thankfull it was still under warenty or it would of cost about £1500 - £2000 to fix. I have been given one of the bent valves as a souvener it will soon be on its travels as a Travel Bug called "Renault to Go or Not".

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My congratulation go with all the otheres but come on folks - what about a few donations from those of us who for one reason or another could not join the chase - Mark says that if we make donations (through the usual channels whocj I presume means the banks) and tell him how much he will add it on - I will pay in £20.

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Maybe you should still make it a TB with the goal of getting to the cache specified by the runner up in the raffle for them to collect from the cache when it gets there :) . Then release it and see if we can get it there.(might take longer than the post but not by much :):) )


P.S dont try this with the Geko :)

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Ok from 19:00 tonight Friday the fox will be on his way to cover the North East of England The towns I will be Visiting are as follows in visit order.












Kingston on Hull




I hope to finish tomorow night Saturday but Sunday is available as well. This will be your last chance to get the fox for 6 months and add to out total.

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