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Caching Alone

Team Encore

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While at a convention out of town this weekend, I went caching without my normal cache buddies (son and friend). I wasn't technically ALONE, as I had a person that accompanied me to the caches. However, I had such a different experience then when caching with my normal cohorts that I have made the decision to no longer cache without at least one of them with me. Have others had similar experiences?

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Since I do alot of travelling I do most of my caching alone. For me it's a way to get out and get a little exercise and find some nice parks that I would otherwise never know existed.

In general I cache alone and would echo Eric K. It's a great way to get out and find new, intresting places and get some excercise. I have a couple folks who are intrested who have gone with me. I also travel a bit for scuba diving. There have been a few cases where much of the travel group went along for the hunt!

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I hike alone, mt. bike alone, white-water kayak alone, drive alone more often than not.


As such I tend to geocache alone.


I found geocaching, more than any of the other activities, is different with others.


Initially I disliked it. Then had a great experience. Since then I've been enjoying companionship. However most of my best finds and most interesting trips were solo (perhaps 'cause having others along 'moderates' the choices.)


I never pass up an opportunity to cache with others as it's great fun. However I have more opportunity to go alone which provides just the right balance.







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Most of the people I know aren't up for a long walk in the woods and up a hill, so I go by myself usually, except for the times i can force my son to go along. For a different experience I recommend solo night caching. The blood runs a little warmer and the senses are peeled just a little keener.

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After thinking about what went wrong all day, I don't think it was so much being without the rest of Team Encore that bothered me, but rather who I was with. Some people just don't get it, and because I had been out of town for the weekend, I *obviously* mapped the entire trip. As if I were going alone. Surprising to me, not everybody enjoys geocaching. In the rain. Out of town. Getting turned around on dirt roads. Maybe I built it up too much, and it didn't measure up to her expectations. Whatever the case, thanks for everybody's opinions - I agree that it is the journey, and not the destination that I enjoy. I think next conference, the blazes with the cost of not sharing a ride - some things are priceless. Being able to go caching when and where I want is incomparable to saving a few bucks!

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Having another cacher along makes it MUCH different for me because they normally have a GPS with them. It means I can come much less prepared since they can get us close. The other major difference is speed. I normally move right along (read run) when heading for a cache. I do slow to a walk when others are along, but I still get complaints about my walking pace, especially uphill.


All that said, I am never disappointed to encounter other cachers, and will normally ask to join them in the hunt.


I am probably at about 90% of my finds being solo.



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I like to do it with other teams(our good friends Team Critter) and also my husband, the other half of Team Safari. However, they are not into the sport as much as I am(I'm obsessed), so sometimes I do it myself. I've had good experiences solo, but it is harder to motivate myself to actually get out. Also, I don't always find them as quickly - as someone else said, 4 or 8 eyes are better than 2.

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