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A request for a future "enhancement" - a generate now button.. Some times you want query sent to you now as your about to shoot out the door and go find some - not wanting to want to wait until the email gets sent

This has come up in the past. If you want one right away, you'll need to create a new PQ. If you edit an existing one, it won't jump to the front of the queue. If you create a new one, select today as the day you want it delivered, it will be processed asap. Some have received their email within minutes, some an hour. It's not guaranteed, but it's the best you can do. :)

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I made a similar suggestion some time ago: "single shot" PQs.


If I'm about to set off on a day trip/long weekend/holiday to someplace new, then it would be handy if I could enter the details into the PQ description page, then click "generate now" or whatever, and have the results emailed to me without the need to create a new saved PQ.


At the moment, I have to create a new query, save it, and then delete it -- which seems like unnecessary hassle. Also, if you already have 5 PQs, then you wouldn't be able to create this new query without deleting an existing one, would you? Hopefully, this "single shot"-type of PQ would not be considered one of your five, since it is transient in nature, never saved as part of your profile.

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