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Thanksgiving Week


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Thanksgiving is coming up and regardless of your religious beliefs, the United States shuts down for a day of giving thanks, celebration of family and, last but not least, eating.


My son is working on a book for class (1st Grader), and the project is "I am thankful for ____, because ____."


What is everybody thankful for? What special traditions, experiences or activities do/have you participate(d) in? Is geocaching on Thanksgiving Day going to start a new tradition?


I know this sounds like a school assignment, but just out of curiosity, I am interested in how people spend their Thanksgiving.

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I'll be geocaching in Connecticut (I'm from VA) over the Thanksgiving weekend and introducing my nephew to the 'sport'. Of course, there'll be the usual eating, drinking and watching football which has become sortofa [lame] tradition for us but that works for me. :) Oh, and we are thankful for God's blessings, family and country!

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Just to let you all know, I participate in delivering meals to people that are unable to attend the Salvation Army's Thanksgiving Meal. The McMinnville Jaycees have about 30 members and, as anybody who has been involved in a volunteer organization or service club knows, 20% participation is rare. We have almost 75% participation in this event. Imagine taking 2 to 3 hours of your time on Thanksgiving Day to deliver a hot meal to those that can not have it.


For the first time my son will be able to participate in this activity. For one of the few times in my life I feel as if I am able to give back something that I have taken.


Please give to the charity, organization or other deserving entity this holiday season in thanks for all that you have. If you choose not to give money, give your time. One missed cache might mean a hot dinner for four. Think about those outside of your boundaries, they will appreciate the generosity.

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I'm being treated to a big Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house -- a great friend who I was lucky to meet through geocaching. Indeed, the feast will be attended by three geocaching families.


Last year, my husband and I made sushi, so this is a big switch for us. :)


Cin (who's now thinking that she should figure out a spiffy cache event for the day)

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I'll be busy as usual on this day, have to feed about 400 people :)

Sylvan Dale



Experience the warmth of an old fashioned holiday at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch. Come...join our table and start your own family traditions at Sylvan Dale. Our Antique Dining Room is always dressed for the most festive occasion. View horses and the Big Thompson River from your table.



Thursday, November 27, 2003. Roast turkey, glazed ham, sage dressing, and all the trimmings...served "pilgrim style". Enjoy a relaxing day with horsedrawn hayrides, nature walks, hot cider by the fire, football on tv with dessert, and trailrides in the foothills. (Optional; extra cost for trail rides).


2-night Celebration Package:

Set a leisurely pace this holiday season. Join us for a Thanksgiving Celebration that doesn't end with the Pumpkin Pie! Perfect for the whole family!


2- nights lodging (check-in 3 pm on 11/27; check-out 11 am on 11/29).

Traditional Thanksgiving Buffet, plus all additional meals.

Live music and dancing

Much More!

Spaces fill quickly. Call for reservations: 1-877-667-3999

Per person package price: $210 Adult; $189 Seniors; $99 Youth (7-12); $59 Child (3-6)

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Well for the whole week:

Sunday (tomorrow) Trail work in the a.m. Raking leaves in the afternoon (yuk).

Monday - Trail work. Hopefully completing a new, 9+ mile hiking trail.

Tuesday- Geocaching maybe. A few newer caches in the area I'm looking to bag.

Wed- Cooking. We're having 22 over for dinner the next day.

Thur- More cooking. Drinking some good wine and beer and eating a reeeal loooot! Then falling asleep while watching footbal

Fri - Driving to Vt. Will probably stop to check on a cache I have on the way.

Sat - Skiing hopefully. No geocaching, as I'm throwing my Vista in the mail on Wed and sending it back for warranty repairs. Nothing major. A few minor probs and the warranty runs out the following week.

Sun - More skiing!!!!!!!! And perhaps a pint of Guinness in the lodge afterwards.

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regardless of your religious beliefs...

Thanksgiving has religious ties? Hmmm, maybe I ought to rethink my participation.


Anyway, I had considered hiking the Black Creek Trail in southern Mississippi during my 4-day break from school. Now it seems I might have a caching trip planned--someplace warm.



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Following BrianSnat-


Sunday- Working on Dissertation and Maybe Geocaching

Monday- Prepping lab for new equipment, working out teaching assignment for Fall04, working on Dissertation

Tuesday- Giving a tour for perspective student, working on Dissertation

Wednesday- Working on Dissertation

Thursday- Smoking a Turkey, working on Dissertation

Friday- Working on Dissertation (maybe a little Geocaching)

Saturday- Dissertation

Sunday- Working on the *#)@(*&^%$$$ dissertation :)

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I'm in healthcare, so I have to work. That's okay though, we will have a huge feast at work and try to make the best of it. It also means I am off on Christmas this year! If the weather remains good, there will be some caching going on the day before Thanksgiving. Almost 60 here in Ma. today, bagged two caches. Weather forecast is the same for tomorrow. :)

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First the boring stuff...

Monday - work :)

Tuesday - work :D and pack :D


Here is where it gets fun...

Wednesday - cache our way to Mom & Dad's :D . I sat down at the computer today to put together our route and ended up with 31 possible cache stops on the way. Hopefully the women will let me stop for at least a few of them.

Thursday morning - Work on about 13 locationless caches I can nab in the old home town, followed by...

Thursday afternoon and evening - Honey Baked Ham, Home rotisseried prime rib, and FOOTBALL :D

Friday - Try to talk my dad into going with me as I travel around the area nabbing more caches and visiting old stomping grounds (approx 200 miles total)

Saturday - spend some quality time with mom

Sunday - come back home, stopping to nab the caches I couldn't get on the way up, all the while wondering why it is already time to go back to work :D:):D .

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My son is working on a book for class (1st Grader), and the project is "I am thankful for ____, because ____." 

Sorry, forgot this part.


I am thankful for my beautiful daughters because they remind me that life is not supposed to be fast paced, and is supposed to be enjoyed. They make me smile with their expressions, their actions, and their words.


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I am thankful that I found geocaching, through my brother (Readymixer). I am thankful that geocaching has allowed me to spend quality time with my children, away from TV and computers and telephones. We have visited many places we would have never seen had it not been for geocaching. I am thankful for the friends I have met through geocaching. I am thankful that the good Lord has allowed me and my children to be heathly and able to enjoy the beauty of the world that He created. I can't help but wonder if anyone in the military that originally launched the satellites had any idea how much enjoyment they would give persons such as myself by doing so. Happy pre-Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Monday - Work & Pack

Tuesday- Fly to NY and hopefully hit a geocache or two

Wed- Going to Long Island Wineries to load up on some good wines. Hit more geocaches.

Thursday - no geocaching today

Friday - Hit NYC for some good chinese or italian food and hopefully a geocache or two

Sat - Fly back to Florida - Warm up!




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My wife and I are going to be loading up our two ATVs early Thursday morning and heading up north to her parents house for Thanksgiving day and spending the day with her immediate family and having a feast there. It will be a long weekend there on out of riding the ATVs and caching along with hanging out and relaxing.

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I am gonna do something a little different this year. I have a bunch of friends who got divorced this year (something in the air? I dunno), and most of them are just pretty danged lost right now- no where to go and no one to go there with- pretty depressing eh? After watching "A Christmas Story" for maybe the millionth time it hit me.... Let's all go out for chinese as a great big group!! Got a married couple with no family going too. With this bunch I think it will take a surgeon to get the grins off of our faces. I checked with the chinese place and they will be open, they are setting up a special table for our bunch, and giving us a discount to boot!


"God bless this Kung Pao Chicken" :) I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving this year.



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:) My brother and his family from El Dorado Hills, CA are driving the 15-18 hr drive from there to Tucson, AZ to share Thanksgiving with us. We really appreciate this effort. I got him into geocaching last May while visiting them in CA, he even bought a GPSr. So, we will go geocaching "desert-style" on Friday - hope to hit some of the Tucson caches I have not found yet, and have been saving for him. Liza his wife says no 4-wheel driving, so we will hit the ones close around here, with some hiking. Looking forward to seeing them! Team Safari Edited by team safari
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Mon: Took off. I was sick and tired literally

Tue: Work 1/2 a day, hopefully feel better a geocache

Wed: I have no idea, but they'll probably be some geocaching in there somewhere

Thur: Thanksgiving morning family tradition. Football Game! (Playing not watching)

Fri: All out cache binge

Sat: All out Cache binge

Sun: All out...uh... oops, hi babe... Sunday is all out spend time with wife day! :)

And work on dissertation. Oh... wait thats not me, sorry. :)

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Sunday...Went to church, watched football

Monday...shopping for more Christmas lights & supplies

Tuesday...Take daughter to Gymnastics class, change oil in GeoTank, build circuits for computer-controlled Christmas lights

Wednesday...Hang lights

Thursday...Turkey day, hang lights, watch football

Friday...Work, hang lights

Saturday...Work, hang lights


I have about 6,000 lights to hang, BTW

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Let's see...work and school the day before, and work, work and, ....um... more work the day after--- Black Friday, the worst day of the year to work in retail. Shudder :):):) . So it looks like my Turkey Day will be spent studying for finals (if I get motivated enough), maybe some caching, and looking forward tro Christmas with my family while in the company of a buritto and a couple of brewskis. :)

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