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Well, I figure a few more weeks and I'll be a member of the M club, as opposed to the MM club. Haven't quite reached a 10 to 1 ration, but it's fast approaching. Hopefully there will be some new caches placed around town so I can widen the gap again. :P

yeah, its coming up on me too...


guess I can't call myself a lurker anymore!! :P




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Well, MY post to cache ratio is 13:1, so there!  Of course, I've only found 10 caches.....but, hey, I'm workin' on it!

You are on turbo in posts. Keep it up and the M's will blaze by.

Yup, 152 posts in 30 days. On average, not impressive at 5 per day, but considering I've only been posting less than a week, I think it's a bit excessive, if not downright obsessive!

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My average is 2.90 posts per day. This value can be found by clicking the My Controls link in the forum, for those who haven't found it already.

Mine is a paltry 3.74 per day. My wife says it's that low because I wasn't on the forums for a couple of days, whaddaya think?

I think you're slacking Saxman. :ph34r:

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I've just tied JamieZ for #9 on the top-ten posters list of all time!

Show off. :D


Keep it going Sax Man. Soon you'll be #8, and then #7. One day, you'll be the Grand Poobah of Posters and I'll be able to say, I knew you when.

I didn't even realize I had passed Alan2. I just happened to check and found that I am 20 posts ahead. Not quite a Grand Poobah yet, but I'm getting there! :D

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I follow the "don't post more than you find" rule.  I'm lagging a little behind, but not too bad.  :o



I think Sparky is using the Don't find more than you post version like Woodsters used to :mad:

No, I'm trying to do the 100 posts per find thing, but I'm a tad behind. :o

I'll let you off with a warning this time, but next time I'll be moderating your finds! ;)

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If I get up early enough tomorrow, I'll have a shot at hitting 100 posts in a 24-hour period!

Woohoo! I'm on the list. But what does that mean as within 1 hour all will be lost. :-(

No, it won't all be lost....I think the tally is a running 24 hour thing. All posts made in the past 24 hours. That means that just the posts more than 24 hours will be off the tally.

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